I started work as a QMA, what is with the LPN's attitude? I started work as a QMA, what is with the LPN's attitude? - pg.2 | allnurses

I started work as a QMA, what is with the LPN's attitude? - page 2

I recieved my QMA (qualified medicaiton aide) certification and my employeer created a posistion for me on our psych floor. I love the new posistion ( and pay increase:chuckle) and I love the... Read More

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    You know, a nursing student friend of mine told me that allnurses was a placed where opinions could be discussed and I could recieve some good advice form nurses. I posted a completlely neutral message and the only responses I recieved back were full of negative "tone". I think I realize now this is not a place to discuss individual situations but mearly a soapbox for people to preach about ther personal agendas. Do not blame me if you feel threatened by QMA's. I happen to be very good at what I do. I take care of my patients and I make my working atmosphere easier for those around, as I am sure most, if not all, other QMAs do. Someday in the near future I will be an equally good nurse, but unlike some of the other posters on this forum, I will be open and nonjungmental
    to other individuals in the health care system.
    Really though I solved my problem my self. I went to the nurse manager, explained the situation, and she talked to the LPN. I guess she gave her 3 options: 1. Learn to work with me in a respectful manner, 2. Move to the night shift, or 3. Quit.
    Well I came in today and her schedule had been changed to all nights. So problem solved. I really don't need anyone else's biased advice.
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    Since the OP has resolved this issue, this thread is now closed.
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    Thread closed for additional moderator discussion.