how do you celebrate birthdays on your unit?

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    what do you use to post co workers birthdays on your unit? and what do you do to celebrate? i am looking for motivation ideas for my unit. any ideas would be great , for any ideas !! my unit has nothing for birthdays, no pot lucks no nuthin !! thank you very much !! does anyone know if there is dry erase , like birthday balloons or cupcakes to write birthday names and dates on that can be erased off? thank you !!

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    A monthly newsletter is generated by HR that lists everyone's birthday during that particular month. Also, HR leaves a bakery cake in the breakroom one day every month to celebrate the birthdays of all employees who were born in that month.
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    Nothing, and I am fine with that
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    My old manager used to bring appetizers and a cake and announce birthdays for the month during the staff meeting. I used to think its dumb. But I sorta miss that little extra touch that she did for us. At my hubby's work, they each draw names of a coworker and for that person's birthday the other person gets you your favorite type of cake.
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    Nothing usually, and I am fine with that. I don't need co workers to celebrate with me.
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    We usually have a small meal (nachos and cupcakes, pizza, sandwiches...) but it's just between my rotation and the manager isn't involved.

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    We usually get a cake or cupcakes and have a potluck meal. It's usually just my shift and our director isn't involved. Our nursing supervisor will participate and occasionally we invite ICU and ER (I work med-surg in a small rural hospital).

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