How do you deal with an angry/anxious patient? - page 2

I recently took care of a patient who was very angry at everyone, and insulted continully everyone who takes care of him. I tried to be professional and caring in my dealings with him, but in his eyes I fell dreadfully short. ... Read More

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    Lots of input on how to deal with cranky patients. Just be yourself, dont let em mess with you. Walk out of the room if you have to. Remember you are the boss here as far as them getting well, but they have to decide they want to get well first. They can go home dead if that is what they want...'And last...Remember that you cannot fix years of what they were in 2 days or less. This is not the fast recovery drive through.

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    Katiebell and PicklesRN, thank you very much for your thoughtful responses. It gives us nursing students and nursing-to-be students ideas of how we can best help our patients when it is time.

    Walkmygardenpath, I know that it is frustrating...but remember it is not always about you per say. It could be that they want to stay angry and maybe they see that with you, they might not be able too and in a sense losing whatever control in their situation that they can. I think the advice above was quite valuable and the next time you are faced with this, maybe it will go differently. Like KatieBell and PicklesRN state...put yourself in their place.


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