Horizontal Violence - EMT's and Paramedics VS LPN's and RN's - page 3

Ok, so I'm a male nurse. I worked hard to get where I am in my career and consider myself not only competent but an exceptional nurse. Unfortunately the EMS personnel I encounter from the field, the... Read More

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    Once, before becoming a nurse (and before getting married, lol) I went on a date with an EMT. He told me they see truly horrible things (like he said he saw the aftermath of a toddler who was raped by moms bf for example). After seeing so many horrible or stressful things (think car accidents), you might come off harshly after awhile yourself! I dont think they get paid very well, either!
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    Welcome to Allnurses.com!

    The overwhelming majority of nurses do not have MDs as bosses, nor are we bossed around by MDs. I just wanted to make that friendly clarification.
    There are a few more clarifications I wanted to make on that gem of a post, but I thought heck, it's 5am, and I'm too tired to write a mod-appropriate response lol.

    I will summarize my thoughts by bringing up the story of a certain pot and a certain kettle. Butt-hurt about not bring doctors? In the words of the fabulous George Takei: 'Oh My'.
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