High-Value and Low-Value Patients - page 5

A handful of readers might have had knee-jerk reactions after reading the title of this piece. Some of you were probably frowning as you muttered to yourselves, "High-value patients? Low-value... Read More

  1. by   Libby1987
    I agree with so much written here but admittedly did not read every post.

    Ruby Vee's perspective is interesting, I would have not thought it would feel that way. I totally get the breast cancer perspective, but it's the knee replacement that surprises me. Knees are so highly sought after in home health being a money maker and I imagine the same for the hosptials. Certainly for the surgeons. Most of our knee patients have few or less symptomatic medical problems, chronic illness doesn't see a lot of elective high infection risk joint replacements IME and they are the easiest patients for a home health nurse, they don't have the social issues and they're anxious to get back on the golf course or simply back to work. IME they're otherwise high functioning whether retired or still in the work force.