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Have you ever lost it with a patient? - page 3

I mean completely lost your cool? I did. Today. We have a frequent flyer who startde the day with bad behavior and I let him get to me. I shouldn't have, but I did.... Read More

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    had an Aids pt back in the 80's purposely open his IV and bled all over the floor and demanded we clean it up!
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    I've been a nurse for 18 years and have had many, many instances where I have had to set limits with patients, visitors, staff, and physicians. I work in a hospital where the clientele is, shall we say, not the greatest. Being in a female dominated profession, I think sometimes people think that they can just strong-arm a female. Well, they have just once to try that with me. I take my job seriously and I am there to care for patients and not deal with nonsense that just kills my time. I believe you can be firm, without being unprofessional, and get your point across. I think people will respect you when they see you mean business. But yeah, I've lost it!!!
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    As a CNA, one time I got kicked in the face by a patient and was caught completely off guard by my anger. I just stood there stunned and swearing and then just walked out of the room. The CNA helping me was thankfully, a fantastic team player and got someone else to help.

    As a nurse, I have had to leave the floor on occasion, because I don't want to think about what I would say if I opened those floodgates.

    I have also, in a few telephone conversations with irate family members (and even a doctor) experienced a "bad phone connection," said "hello? hello? I think the phone is cutting out" and then hung up on them.
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    Quote from Cold Stethoscope
    Personally I don't blame anyone for losing it when victimized by abusive patients, doctors, administrators, etc., but a lot of the commenters in threads think that it's tantamount to a mortal sin to ever start yelling, under any circumstances — end of story.
    My comment makes less sense since it was edited. I linked three other, older threads on this site on the same subject, and pointed out that a lot of people in those threads were strongly against "losing it" in front of a patient. Apparently that type of linking is not allowed. I guess you can search for those threads on your own, if interested.
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    I try to set and enforce boundaries before I get to the point of "losing it", but alas I am merely mortal and I know I've had moments where I definitely could have handled things better.
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    Yup, especially when they demand Doritos while NPO and threaten to leave AMA when some procedural area is late picking them up.
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    Quote from knoyes1
    had an Aids pt back in the 80's purposely open his IV and bled all over the floor and demanded we clean it up!
    Wow. Dude was probably angry over his illness--but still very wrong. Some folks have no idea how frustrating it can be to be a nurse.
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    Quote from decembergrad2011
    Yup, especially when they demand Doritos while NPO and threaten to leave AMA when some procedural area is late picking them up.

    The demand was specifically for Doritos, eh? LOL

    Oh brother.
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    Not yet, but I've come close. I worked in hotels for years, so I've learned to be very patient with extremely annoying people. Losing it on a guest may get you fired. Also, I've only been a nurse for 2 years...so I'm sure the day will come at some point.
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    Sorry...I'm old....and I've never lost it with a patient and I am not lying.
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    Some patients are going to be like that. You should try to stay calm and not let them get to you, although i understand that you have your good and bad days. try your best but sometimes it can get very difficult
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    I would have to say that I have not "lost it" with a patient or family member, in more than 30 years of nursing. That is not to say that I have not been furious, etc, it simply means that I maintain control of my emotions and mouth.

    The times I have "lost it" were with peers or superiors...I have been known to pound desks and raise my voice, none of which probably advances my cause.

    Maintaining control doesn't mean that I let people slide on crap...I am very direct...it means that I am calm and "diplomatic".
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    Nope.. never in 30 years. ..." lost it".

    I am the professional... I am not the one stuck in a hospital bed. Told to put on this gown... and give up my dignity for the sake of medical treatment.

    I did tell a patient to stop yelling at me.. so we could talk about the problem..

    That NEVER fails . . .we identify the issue ... and I solve the problem.

    That is the definition of nursing.