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I'm not talking about all-out sobbing, body-wracking crying. I'm just saying tears welling up and possibly spilling over without the accompanying grimace. Is that appropriate, inappropriate? ... Read More

  1. by   canesdukegirl
    The reason I became a nurse is because of the emotion my mother's hospice nurse freely shared with us as we all stood around Mom holding each other's hands during her last rites. It was the most pure showing of love and care I had ever witnessed from a medical provider. It literally changed my life.
  2. by   Tyra21
    Quote from sistasoul
    I have cried quite a few times in front of families and quite a few times in private. I don't remember all of the instances but I know they all didn't invovle a patient demise. Being a nurse can break your heart. I will never forget this lady patient I had who had just been put on palliative care. Her husband of 60 years started to sing hymns to her in a soft voice. I had to leave that room quickly.

    I have been told "I will get used to it". I sincerely hope I never get "used to it".
    I've been told that same thing several times and just like you, I hope (once I'm an RN) that I never get used to it.
  3. by   sophie<3
    I've been a nurse for a few months in a bone marrow transplant & oncology unit...i cried just few days ago..my patient was young, diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer only a few short months after having her first baby. she had a double mastectomy and then liver mets were removed a few months ago. she was up on my floor receiving chemo..she was always smiling and positive and constantly thanking us for everything we did. she said that she was lucky to have such amazing support from her doctors and nurses. her uplifting attitude and smile were infectious. i peaked in to check on her one morning and she was crying alone in her room..she expressed to me privately her fear that the chemo wouldnt work and that she would have to start planning for her death and that she wouldn't see her son grow up. i think i cried more than her...i have absolutely no regrets letting her see me emotional. i think it is a true indicator of how human we are as nurses and how damn hard this job can be, but also how rewarding it is to be a shoulder for someone to lean on.