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I am at my wits end and need advice. I work what is considered, in nursing, to be an unusual shift. As such, I typically follow one of two nurses. Neither one of them is fabulous to follow for various reasons, but one of... Read More

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    Thanks for all the great ideas.. GrnTea, I love the Ativan atomizer idea, especially. If only... :~)

    I'm not sure that my manager would allow the report sheet situation, but I really like the idea and will tuck it away in case it becomes a possibility.

    I don't generally have a problem being assertive, but this is a second career for me (I used to be a supervisor in another field in the hospital) and I have only been a nurse for 8 months. This woman has been a nurse for 30 years, so I feel like a jerk trying to tell her what to do, even though it seems she needs it. That being said, I think it is probably what needs to happen, if only I could actually get her to listen. I asked her a question four times the other day before she actually paid attention to me and answered, so I think her lack of listening skills is part of the problem.

    I actually ended up approaching my manager about this situation yesterday framed in the "what can I do to make this better" and she told me I remind her a lot of herself...which made me feel better, because I have a lot of respect for my manager. She told me she is aware of the situation in regards to this nurse and ALL the other nurses (not just me) who are having a tough time with her and that it is being dealt with and I should see changes soon. I take her at her word, because she quickly and effectively addressed the one other issue I took to her.

    Love the ideas- thanks for the awesome tips!
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    Perhaps direct confrontation would be best. Tell her exactly what you want her to do. Perhaps say something like "I only want a 20 minute report. I don't have time for anything longer. I have my own work to do". I have someone like that at my job too and when they start babbling on and on I cut them off and say OK. That's enough. Next patient. If she tries to leave me in the middle of report I say " Oh No, don't do anything else right now until after you are done giving me report. I hate having to do this at my job but I have no other choice. If I were to be quiet and polite, I would have to listen to a 60 minute report all the time.
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    Be direct. ANd keep being direct. This nurse is not going to change over night, she has been doing this for 30 years exactly this way. Odds are even being direct won't work, but you need to keep telling her to get to the point. If she tries to walk off, stop her and tell her to do that after report. Good luck!
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    Thanks, everyone. I don't know exactly what is going on, but I haven't seen Frantic Nurse in a while. I think she is on vacation. In any case, I haven't gotten report from her since my original post, so I haven't had the opportunity to approach the situation at all. I appreciate all the advice.
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    has she been this way for ever? or, is this a change? prob. at home? mental illness? organic brain illness?
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    She's been this way as long as anyone here can remember. There just hasn't been consistency in who follows her until recently (it has been lots of float nurses) so there wasn't one person dealing with it every day. Last Monday was terrible and I had to write her up because of a pt safety issue. Our boss is fed up with her...I've no doubt it will be addressed -again- soon.

    In part because of the stress of starting my shift this way when I have to follow her, I'm changing shifts, so in about a month I won't have to deal with her on this end any more. I will have to get firm with her when I give report, because I won't be leaving late because she needs to go get her breakfast...

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