Favortism in the workplace

  1. 0 I am a nursing student working at a facility and I am so surprise at the favortism on in the workplace and dont know what to do.

    Let me tell you what I mean, we have techs, that get to pick there own schedule, they get to have there choice days off, and they get no complaints during there review. All of this is not because of there work ethics because they will call out on several occassions and go into the system a take themselves off the schedule if they are tried, come in late on the floor, and have the lighter load assigned to them by management, while less favorite techs are given double the load.

    I did orientation with a tech, we both did not receive a full orientation, nor did we get out orientation form completed. Now that they are due back in, I got a waring on my review for not having something done, I knew nothing about, while this other tech got no warning whatsoever. I do not think this is fair at all, to top it off, I was told my coursework was not completed and when I looked into the transcript everything was done in a timely manner according to my educator, and when I questioned this I received the comment that it did not matter because the orientation listing was not done. Not fair in my opinion, what am I missing, and what should I do about it, I was considering going to Human Resources, but I dont what to open another can of worms just yet?
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    I am a nurse in a facility, that favortism is common. I even questioned the DON about it and she admitted it. The individual I am in question about gets OT (but we are not allowed OT), if wants to work she gets to work whatever she wants. She worked days, wanted nights, got it. Then wanted days again and got it with others that have been on the list days while she was on days.

    I personally believe it happens in any work place you work, healthcare or not.
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    It happened in every workplace where I have been. At one facility, there was a majority of employees that had something in common, of course, they were shown obvious favoritism. In other workplaces it has been an individual or two. This is something that you will find almost everywhere. You are best off to just keep your mouth shut and do the best you can. Find another job if things get to be too much and another job is available.
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    Quote from sweetpeanurse
    I am a nurse in a facility, that favortism is common. I even questioned the DON about it and she admitted it. The individual I am in question about gets OT (but we are not allowed OT), if wants to work she gets to work whatever she wants. She worked days, wanted nights, got it. Then wanted days again and got it with others that have been on the list days while she was on days.

    I personally believe it happens in any work place you work, healthcare or not.

    The old OT clique, we are so big in this, I guess it is because I am just getting into nursing being a nursing student, I want to learn as much about nursing as possible, and my friend who is a nurse is telling me that this is all a part of the nursing world. I will be and still want to be a nurse, so I am learning to take things as they come, and I do agree with you it happens in any workplace, but nursing just seems to draw these personalities, that it is more seen in this workplace, along with the gossiping, amongst each other, it makes me wonder what is up?

    Well, anyway, what do you do about the favoritism issue when management is hitting your record, for something, but not your coworker record for the same issue. It really has me concern because I hate to say this, but this is happening in a racial divide manner, were all African American workers are treated with a different standard than non african american workers.
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    caliotter3 , keeping my shut for now is actually my plan, sad to say, but I figured I am looking to leave anyways so why not simple rideout the issue but I was thinking when it came time for me to leave and I knew I was leaving I am seriously considering going back to HR to file a formal complaint. I feel that I should have the same treatment as my coworkers, and during my exit interview, I would like to document everything and bring it out in the opening, if for any other reason, to make it clear and noted in my record. Then again I dont know do you think it matters?

    I am one for equal rights
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    I don't know that I would even bother. You might be hurting yourself should you ever want to return. When things like this occur, it is hard to say that you could bring about any kind of change anyway. But if you feel better by speaking your mind, then do so. You really should have it out in the open that you weren't treated fairly.
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    Favoritism.. always will be...is a social reality....
    For all the same...is an utopy, never will be for all the same and like intelligent humans that we are we need to accept this true. People who are on, will never talk about, people who are not in it, always will shout out because they want to be in, my advice "DON"T PLAY THIS GAME" is a tricky one dosen't matter on which side you are.

    Do your job, fallow the rules, if you don't like it, goes out! Always and everywhere is the same, is scarry but is THE TRUE! And I will tel you why, if you start a fire insted to stopped it, you will burn the house and you will burn your self, the house will be rebuilded and the story will start again with other people but the same, you will go out one day with the label "the people who burned a house".

    Be nurse, fallow your job description, do your job as good as you can, that is all!
    And if you don't like it.... assume everything from what will be happen next!
    Is life!
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    It's everywhere. My solution was to quit the small facility I was working at where the favoritism was blatant and move to a larger one where it's not so much.

    Plus I moved to nights. The less administration there is around, the less butt-kissing I have to witness. :flowersfo
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    hope i don't get slammed for this, but my experience has been that HR departments in general are not really on "your side." it always feels like we have that "i'm going to HR" in our back pockets as a last resort, but they are part of the organization. and i have heard of co workers looking for HR support have it bite them in the tushy later. i am sorry to say i absolutely have never met an HR department i trusted. i hope someone else has a more positive HR spin for ya. i struggle with dealing with bizarre favoritism where i work. i don't have the answer, i'm sorry. but HR ain't it.
    1TachyRN has great advice AND i wish i thought of her screen name first. best one yet, i think.
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    I would make a comment but then the BIG D word comes into focus.. strain on the people that always show up at work & go above what they do... but the AD is afraid of a lawsuit.... I think bettah times are ahead...we are just hanging in.
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    I wouldn't mention it either. Favoutism happens everywhere and to be honest unless people are leaving in droves and they cannot staff a unit, HR have more important things to deal with. This is unfair, but unless you want to get a reputation as a troublemaker, my advice is to quietly look for another position and in the meantime just fly low under the radar.
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    Scrubby-- I think that is the best advice I have heard. After confronting my DON about the favortism I have been getting alot of funny looks from individuals that get all the favortism.
    Mind you I have a vvveerryy long fuse and when I finally had it, she stumpled over her words bc she didn't believe me of all people would say anything.
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    Seems the only time HR is helpful is if you are also in a Union. At our hospital, only the PCTs (nursing assistants) have a Union, but the RNs do not. I have noticed on day shift there is a CONSTANT power struggle between the PCTs and RNs....and the manager and HR are shaking in their boots when the PCTs declare 'well, i'm going call my union steward!'
    And its a select few that are ALWAYS complaining.....look at the common denominator and get rid of those few....oh wait! Can't do that, as those few are protected by the Union.

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