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Hi everyone. I am a critical care nurse. I love my job and everything that comes with it from my fellow staff members to the puzzles of patients. I was given an orientee who will be transferring to the ICU after 8 months on... Read More

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    Honestly she is probably overwhelmed. If it was her first code I would have been scared to jump in, actually the first 3 codes, she should be able to observe and then go over with her what happened and if she has any questions and if she would feel comfertable trying to do some of the stuff pertaining to codes. EKG reading takes time as well. If she did not want to be in the ICU I am sure she wouldnt have went through the hiring process and started. I think she deserves longer than 2 weeks to determine if she is a good fit in the ICU. Just my opinion.
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    I had a hard time with my orientation. What nearly ended my career before it started was that my preceptor didn't share her concerns with me....she went to the educator and told them I was no good, when I didn't even know I was doing anything wrong because she hadn't said anything to me. So good move on sitting down to talk to her first, even if you didn't get much of a response. Please continue to include her in the discussion.....if there is a sit down with you, the educator, and the manager, the oriented should be there too. I really believe in giving her every chance possible, because I needed more than two weeks too and I like to think that I turned out alright

    That said, yes her attitude is concerning and maybe she's not ready for/a good fit for the ICU. Good luck to her, and to you!
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    Maybe she doesn't plan on being there long term? just to get the pre CRNA experience, and trying to skim by?
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    Quote from jenvankempen
    Thank you everyone for your responses. She is still considered a new grad as she has been working 8 months full time.
    You are all correct in being more concerned about the attitude. I did have a sit down with her explaining why she is here, her goals, that I am her support, etc. All I got from her was I know, yeah, I know. I guess its just difficult to understand not wanting to jump into everything. I remember how exciting a foley was, let alone a code and she just has no desire to jump in. I"m just not sure if she has that drive/personality to be an ICU nurse, let alone a nurse in general.

    Thank you all for your helpful comments!
    There is your answer right there...she doesn't care.
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    Maybe she doesn't like floor nursing but she wants to get that magical year of experience behind her. Not everyone is cut out for med/surg or ICU but all the instructors pressure you as a new grad to get that year of experience on the floor. A year is a long time to do something you have no interest in. I am going straight into community psych nursing because I really don't enjoy med/surg. I tried to get that year of experience just to get it out of the way but hospitals around here won't hire new grads unless you know someone that can hand them your résumé.
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    If that is her attitude the unit needs to cut their loses. I would sit with your manager and discuss the situation. She should then be brought in to discuss the issues and develop a plan. If she doesn't comply say goodbye!
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    Is she learning what she doesn't know at home? IF (a big if in my opinion) her attitude is a sign of insecurity and anxiety rather than disinterest then she would be studying at home to fill her knowledge gaps. If she still does not show improvement in her lab values/EKG skills then you know that she is not interested in advancing.
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    I'd be interested in what she's doing at home. Is she looking up everything she was unsure of, or buying texts? Perhaps she felt ICU would be easier, since it's a 1-2 patient assignment. She doesn't realize that she needs to double her knowledge, and be willing to put in some hard work on organization.

    In the end, if she's someone that needs to be told specifically to do every little thing, it's not going to work out. She has to self identify learning needs, and patient needs and jump right in. You can't just follow a prewritten care plan in ICU and expect the patient to be alive in the morning.
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    Sounds like she's putting in her time until she can get into NP/CRNA program. One of our (very high acuity) SI nurses was complaining to me about how their new grads don't want to get dirty and don't really care because they're putting their time in before -- usually-- getting into a CRNA program.

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