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Dearest British "Hoaxed" Nurse (Nurse Saldanha): As an American Nurse I know our scope may be different, but we are both "nurses" none-the-less. There is more that is in-common, than is different. We both have strengths and... Read More

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    Dearest British "Hoaxed" Nurse (Nurse Saldanha):As an American Nurse I know our scope may be different, but we are both "nurses" none-the-less. There is more that is in-common, than is different. We both have strengths and weaknesses. We both aim to serve societies ills to the best of our ability, and ease pain and suffering from the lowest of the low, to the top of the elite. We give nonjudgmental holistic care, and even though we may fuss and whine about our job in private amongst our peers, we love our profession! And, our patients would never be able to guess our bad days because we are also professionals at masking pain, worry, anxiety, and depression as we go through our day. You know as well as I, there's never enough hours in that day! I'm so sorry your no longer here with us, but you will never be forgotten. Your death was not in-vain. I pledge to pay closer attention to my staff colleagues, and their issues-whether new or current, or something they've been struggling with- and still serve at the bedside, clinic, or even at the Midlevel position. I am so sorry such a thoughtless act of treachery took you from the world for a "laugh" at the most. I share in the millions mourning your death, and I hold no judgement for you. You, as we're programmed to do, put your self at the bottom of the issue- even as "disposable," as the problem you didn't asked for- seemed bigger than yourself. I'm so sorry you are gone(taken from your family and "us"), but as long as we arm ourselves with knowledge that our whole life can change in a split moment, and that there are those out there that obviously don't respect the intensity of our pressures: You did not die in vain. You will ever be present in our heart as a martyr for the truth of the rigors of our profession, and the Nursing Profession feels and mourns your unfair and untimely loss! We hear in the News you were a trustworthy, dedicated, compassionate, and knowlegable colleage to have. That's the highest praise a Nurse could hope for-You Will be Missed! In never-ending love,Boston, and:Your Brothers and Sisters of the International Nursing Profession!May You Rest in Eternal Peace!!!!!!!Please add your Condolences or Respects if you wish.
    Didn't one of the nurses violate the hipaa act when giving info over the phone?

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    Quote from Virtual
    Didn't one of the nurses violate the hipaa act when giving info over the phone?
    Considering HIPAA is a U.S. law, and this didn't happen in the U.S., no.
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    Okay, bout' time for some humor, was helpful and nice right about now, lol, ice breaker

    (In a time it feels like the world is falling apart)

    If they want it, we can pack it and ship it across the "pond." There is plenty hipaa to go around the world 3 times here, Lol! But, if Pres. Obama calls me next week now- I'm moving to South America
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    I would like to thank Everyone who participated, posted, contributed, or even just gave a silent prayer or thought to the surviving families of the late Nurse Saldanha of the United Kingdom, and the horrible tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School inn Newtown, CT as the losses this Holiday Season- whatever their or our faith have been devastating, and as small as my prayer seems- you all have it this Holiday Season.

    Call and check on that friend or family member you haven't heard from in a while, take a moment to lift someone spirits- even if yours are low, and don't miss one irreplaceable moment with your loved ones this season.

    Thanks for your excellent insights, words of kindness and support to the affected survivors, and for the awesome community each and everyone of you, moderators and members alike promote here. I would be honored to serve among any of you!
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    The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    1-800-273-TALK (8255)


    Counseling that is Free and Confidential. They even specialize in Veteran's Crisis, Substance and Alcohol Abuses related Crisis, PTSD (even Non-Military related, Disaster related Crisis, Family Crisis Intervention, and so much more if you or a loved one need help now.

    Once after my dad entered a depressed state after loosing his son, a subsequent lay-off, and a vehicle repossession during my early college, I scratched the Lifeline down on a card, afraid to "discuss" it with him. I found it still in his Rolodex years later. I would never ask, but the help they offered may be why I'm not fatherless today. Suicide devastates families. It's the least I knew to do. The Holidays can be the loneliest, and darkest of times, and I hope the light comes in to those in danger of suicide- someone cares!
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    As a survivor of suicidal ideation, please call that number if you feel hopeless!!!!!!
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