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Dearest British "Hoaxed" Nurse (Nurse Saldanha): As an American Nurse I know our scope may be different, but we are both "nurses" none-the-less. There is more that is in-common, than is different. We both have strengths and... Read More

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    I've only read bits and pieces of this story, but I can't grasp why she felt the need to end her life. Very tragic for this nurse and her family. However, she must have already been mentally unstable with long standing issues that we know nothing about. Suicide is an abnormal drastic response to problem solving.

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    Exactly. There has to be something else in this that we will likely never know, and probably do not really need to know. Unfortunately, all we have to go on is what the media has fed us.
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    When the story first broke about the hoax and I saw how gleefully the media reported it, I felt sad for the nurse. Then when the news came that the nurse had committed suicide, I felt even sadder. I still feel sad knowing that she will no longer be here to guide her children and witness milestones in their lives. Something may have happened that pushed her to this, who knows if there were threats and whatnots (The last time on my unit that some nurses refused to pass info over the phone, that family raised a stink and the nurses involved ultimately lost their jobs; screwed if you do and screwed if you don't). I can't imagine what she must have felt that made her think she had no hope...may God be with her loved ones.
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    We are all very quick to blame the two radio announcers for making the hoax call which led to the death of the British nurse, but step back and look at where did the prompting come from in the first place, maybe we should be asking or expecting the producers of their segment to explain why they suggested it in the first place or put those announcers under pressure to achieve that sort of thing. So have some compassion for those announcers, it may not have been the thing to do, but they have to keep their job and some media companies really dont care as long as they get the ratings and the dollars in. My condolences to the family of the British nurse, and I expect their isnt a nurse on this earth that hasnt made a mistake or spoke incorrectly to either family or otherwise.
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    Thanks again for your writing. I know it's straight from the heart. It was so funny when I got out of Detox/Rehabilitation- 90 days later- No one told me how "raw" emotions would feel. I would tear up at the drop of a hat, my wife got tickled at my uncontrollable waves of emotion to just watching "Undercover Boss," where I would have to go blow my nose in the bathroom I had gotten so "stuffed-up," at the ends. That's when the real healing started for me. Your more than right, even though sometimes I think mom is nutcase, she is tough as nails.

    I will grab that book- I'm a bookworm for sure. The only thing that stops me from working Recovery/PsychMH/Addictionology is being in the Mission Field, but one day I will get to focus more on fighting the horrible disease.

    I wouldn't undo what I went through in recovery. It removed most of the crust from my heart of stone, and I got a "flesh" one. Now after Joey, my wife's infidelity, the divorce, and my 5 precious years of recovery- I am in love with life. I am desperate to help those discouraged and "starting over" to reach for their dreams. I know what a broken heart feels like, but until they put me in the ground I will be fighting to make this place just a little better- One Day at a Time.

    There IS still sooooooooooo much beauty, light, and good in this world. In the bad- I now just see the "potential."

    *again these are MY feelings and beliefs and I aim to offend no one- I don't press them on anyone, and I value anyone's beliefs or non-belief. I myself just can't discuss the subject of loss and death without that faith that keeps me "sane."

    My heart goes out to everyone who has lost loved ones this Holiday Season. I know the longing for "just one more day."
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    Obviously, this nurse had a mental or emotional underlying disorder. She had done nothing wrong on the telephone. Any nurse would provide information to what appeared to be family that had a reason to expect to be informed. Suicide is in this case is clearly an indicator of something else. It does not add up.
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    I've read many of the replies. We can all agree that this is a tragedy for many people involved. However, as many of us mentioned, there are other issues with this nurse. Had it been me, I would definitely feel remorse. But so be it, you learn and move on. I wouldn't end my life over such incident. She either panicked, or has a history of mental illness. Still very sad, and we won't know.
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    Quote from T-Bird78
    Beautiful tribute. I don't know how tough the privacy laws are over there, but I'm pretty sure if the Queen was on the phone (especially when there's legitimate reason for her to be calling the hospital and not just some random day), you don't question Her Majesty. I hate that this happened and pray for strength and comfort for her family, friends, coworkers, the royal couple, and even the DJs and the radio station. Maybe people will stop and think before they speak or act.
    I doubt that the queen would ever need to make such a call. They have cell phones in UK, don't they?

    Why would she not simply have called her grandson directly re: Kate?

    And I think the deceased nurse, sad though her death is, was ill long before this incident. Maybe this was the last straw, but I think she was planning this for a long time. Mothers of young children don't just up and leave them.
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    I guess I don't understand why she felt the need to harm herself.
    According to reports that I have read, all she did was TRANSFER the call- she herself was not the one who released the personal and private information about the Duchess.

    However, I feel that she was wrong. She did not properly screen the call, she did not do anything to protect the privacy of the patient, and she should have, at the very least have been fired for this. Had this happened here in the US, she could have easily also lost her license. Don't we all remember what happened a few years ago when Britney Spears was in the hospital?

    Why are we not hearing about the nurse who actually released the private information and answered the questions of the DJ? We haven't heard a word about her at all. Is she fired? Did she have repercussions? Why did she also not screen the phone call?

    I also feel there was something going on with this woman. She was not right to begin with, and I feel that if investigations were completed further, we would find a long history of instability and mental illness.
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    I guess just looking at the situation, no matter "what" ultimately caused her to do what she did- there are now more children in the world without a mother, and the loss of the young lady no matter what the reason- it took a life. I'm not "blaming" anyone. Just sad that a life was lost, and that I will do my best to be alert to the needs of those around me. The gravity of knowing you never really know if you'll see a person tomorrow. And, to treasure everyday as a gift.

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