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Good morning everyone. Need some input. We are starting a committee at our hospital.......nurses only..........for dealing with rude doctors and the way they treat us.............which isn't professional. The committee will be... Read More

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    COME ON and work with me, navy. I am all for learning to deal with difficult people, taking the bull by the horns, and each of us being accountable for our own behaviors. THERE ARE WAYS TO DEAL WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE. I have not seen too many "committees" really accomplish too awful much but waste time and company/hospital resources. And often the abusers go on abusing those they can get away with treating so badly, period.

    We all must take on ourselves some assertiveness training and learn how to deal with difficult/abusive people in stressful situations. A so-called committee won't change much-----they never do. It's up to each of us to learn how to cope with different people in many high-stress situations, period. I still say the better way would be some workshops on dealing with difficult people or assertivness training. They abound everywhere as do BOOKS, 1000s of them, written on the subject. Resources and time would be much better spent this way.
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    Not everyone feels comfortable being assertive and every employee should have the protection of being able to file a complaint without having to confront his/her colleague. I agree with the poster who stated that their policies on sexual harrassment included physician behaviours. I would further argue that if enough complaints were filed with the hospital, it would establish that the hospital was "on notice" that a pattern of hostile or offensive work environment was occurring and that the hospital's failure to take prompt action makes them liable as well. This is not just a nursing issue, this is a workplace issue.
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    That can handle this situation easily without all of this documentation. Just keep your ears and mouth closed and block your mouth. TRUST ME they will run him outta town.
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    My question is, do any of you have a committee for dealing with rude doctors? If so, please let me know what you have done and how it is going.

    reply I have to agree with another reply I read I think that it will just be a forum for complaints. I think that this committee need to have physician representation as well as administration and risk management.
    No we do not have a committe at the hospital where I work.
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    Use of chain of command is also helpful. As is documentation TO BACK UP YOUR CLAIMS/COMPLAINTS. And if you want to be in nursing, it is BEST to GET comfortable with being assertive and strong. Or else you may wish to investigate a less stressful and potentially volatile career/venue.
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    I have never heard of such a thing. Just what we do not need is another meeting. If I were ever to here a Doc. saying "We are punishing our nurses," to any patient
    Sounds to me like this has become a personal problem of your own making and YOU are being 'played,' I can only imagine what you say to the patients who are there to heal, not get involved in the issues you are talking about.
    I would give some serious thought to getting some sensitivity training for yourself and I say this as a nurse in kindness to another nurse.
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    I will keep all of you posted. I should know more about this committee within the next couple weeks. We are in the process of putting it together

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