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i work 12 hour shifts in an acut care setting. At 11 pm, i was told i would be precepting, and got a new pt load. the preceptee is an experienced nurse. one of the patients had been admitted for bleeding, and had gotten 6... Read More

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    Quote from wooh
    Honestly, you sound like you handled everything exactly how I would have. That's not a good thing. You sound much like me, I'm passionate about what I do, and I do my best, and if I get critiqued on how I did any of that, ESPECIALLY from someone that doesn't know what they're talking about? It's going to get me riled up.
    What Esme says is pretty good. Totally not what I would do, but totally would should be done.
    You got to let it roll off. One of my new coworkers, on her first day, made some disparaging remarks about another coworker. Oh I was out for blood after that. But the disparaged coworker forgave, and I figured I should. Now I absolutely LOVE working with her. I could still be holding a grudge, but the person that would hurt most would be me.
    New person thought (wrongly) that she was being helpful. She's new, trying to make nice with her new bosses, and went about it the wrong way. I guarantee her blood pressure isn't still high over this. Don't let yours be either.
    Trust me I lose it now and then...and it was much harder when I was younger....LOL I play a part....detach myself. Besides I refuse to lower myself to their level.....LOL
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    You said your peace to your management team and it's now a non-issue. It was a blip in the day to day operations of a unit. Don't hold the grudge, be the bigger person, and let this fall into the past. It's a non-issue really. We all have little issues like this that arise at work. When you're living with colleagues in the ICU for 36+ hours per week tensions can run high at times....even with the people that you like.

    Pick another battle on another day.
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