Check out those veins!

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    Have I been a vascular nurse too long? Tell me I'm not the ONLY one! Does anyone else check out people's veins in the general public -- see someone and think "what great veins?" I promise, if I'm the only one who does this, I'll go to nurses anonymous. "My name is Susan Mary, and I haven't checked out anyone's veins for 3 days."

    Have I been in nursing too long? My husband just shakes his head and laughs. Truly, we all need to step back and laugh at our quirks sometimes.
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    Oh no you are not alone! I'm not a vascular nurse but since IV teams are not too much "here" anymore, we have to start our own IV's. I've been a nurse for ten years. I've been checking out other people's veins for the past nine years. It's not a fetish is it? ROFL! :roll
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    Do it all the time!!!!
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    Oh, yeah! All the time.I look at big 'ole pipes and think, "18G, No problem! " I love palpating my husbands veins and wish everyones were as plump and springy! Sick, sick, sick!
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    I check out veins ALL the time, although I have to be honest and say that when I saw the title to this post, I immediately thought of myself trying to check out the veins that are accumulating behind my knees from too many years of standing...
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    I'm Channa, a nursing student and I'm afraid I am becoming veins..LOL I will graduate in 5 weeks and since starting IVs in clinicals/skills lab I cannot help but look, I know I am virgin vein addict, but its SO fun..LOL

    My husband hates when I look at his hands and then work my way up..well you get the drift...can I join this addiction group too? Am I going to need therapy??

    ~Channa :chuckle
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    LOL. I also need to join the group. When I am feeling a bit obnoxious, all I need to do is start palpating those beautiful veins my hubby has & say "This looks like a good one." He gets sooooo pale. It's too funny
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    My name is Brandy, and I am an addict
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    I do it all the time and I contimplate sticking a 16 ga in my own cephalic vein it's so darn big

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