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Have any new grads feel like they are bullied by other nurses on the floor they work on.? First off I am a new grad with 10mths experience on a chf floor. I precepted on mornings and opted for night... Read More

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    Quote from nadomel
    Have any new grads feel like they are bullied by other nurses on the floor they work on.? First off I am a new grad with 10mths experience on a chf floor. I precepted on mornings and opted for night shifts to work. I am naturally quiet . I must say I do observe a lot.
    When I came of precepting one night I got a new admission front the ED . When she came up to the floor I did everything for this patient and eventually found out that her bed was broken and I got her bed change without any help from my caregiver.
    I asked the patient if she needed anything else she said I need something to eat. I went to care giver and ask her if she could get the patient something to eat while i call the doc. Her response 'You can do it too' then she proceeded to nutrition room grab the other care giver and started discussing me. I was on the phone with the doc and observe all of this at the nursing station.
    My nightmare began there. I made one comment not to any one in general and asked what is the issue. One particular nurse told me that they said because I don't talk to them I should not ask them to do anything.
    Now these care givers never even much as say hi to me it never even bothered me. I have never asked them for anything except once. When I was precepting on morning I heard so many complaints about them. I seriously that they were making it up. I had no preconceived notions. I was here open and ready to learn. After that incident I really never asked for their assistant I found that caregivers from other floors were more willing to assist .
    I try to make my schedule so that I would not be on the same night they work. On several occasions they gather in groups and discuss me. They are loud at nights when patients are sleeping . I don't want to be apart of that.
    I had told a patient that he could not have ice cream one night. The care giver was not assign to my patient and gave the patient ice cream. I went to the caregiver that was assigned and asked what was going on. He explained to me that he had asked her to assist while he took a break. Fair enough. Yet when I pass the patient room there was the caregiver berated me in front of the patient.
    On several occasions both nurse and caregiver instigated patients to complain about me.Need less to say i was in shocked. There was even a rumor going around that no patients wanted to deal with me.
    On another occasion one particular nurse instigated an nurse to say she had a problem with me. Everything I do is under scrutiny. If I make the slightest slip up. They are ready and waiting to report me. I feel that this is not an environment conducive to learning . I feel like I should be a nurse with 20 years experience and absolutely know every thing.
    Some of the incidents that happen I can't really get in because I feel so disillusioned. Nurses are suppose to be caregivers, nuturer's instead we fight to tear down our very own. We seek every opportunity to write up someone instead of helping someone to grow in the field that we claim to love.
    A lot of my classmates that started with me have left. They have gone to other fields because it's not worth it. I hoping that someone can encourage me right now. Know matter what I do I can never measure up all because one particular cna started a rumor that I leave my patients room without giving them water.

    I am sorry this happened to you - but I assure that this does not happen everywhere. Such problems are usually systems problems that need to be addressed on the unit level. The fact that you charge is not addressing this issues with progressive discipline is sad.

    I know you have said that you are a quiet observant person. I have am more of an extrovert but I make it a habit to be open a friendly to my co-workers and subordinates . A simple hello and verbalization that the staff can come to you when problems arise can go a long way toward insuring the staff have your back when the SHTF.

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    The cargivers were bullying and needed corrective action.

    The behaviors of the cargiver crossed the line when they neglected their duties and impacted patient care. They did this willfully and with complete disregard to the patient’s wellbeing.

    Based on the story as stated by OP, she did not commit any acts of workplace aggression against the staff. In fact, I would not even say she disrespected them. Contrary interpretation is completely baseless.

    Professionals are to respect others personality traits. Being social in the way YOU prefer is not mandatory of any team member. You are to do your job, and maintain respect objectively.

    "Not saying hi" is not being disrespectful. Nor is not making small talk. That is such a stretch. How do you reconcile this with cultural competence? In fact, to JUDGE someone because they do not communicate with you the way you like is disrespectful. Not the other way around. Disrespectful act they also committed include the acts of gossip and sarcastic remarks.

    You are required to show up and do your job, and be respectful. You are not required to engage in small talk, gossip, banter be any ones friend for that matter. You are to be a colleague. If someone were to "require" all this of me... Sorry. It is not something I do, and you have to accept that, just as I accept your extroversion. Just because you have decided to be upset doesn't automatically mean I have committed an offense against you.

    Work place tension is not enjoying someone but not committing offenses. When it became gossip, sarcasm, and isolating- it was then bullying. But when it involved patient care, it crossed a line that no nurse should excuse. It absolutely needed corrective action.
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    Quote from futurepsychrn
    I agree with the OP. First job out of nursing school, the good ole boy system was in full force. The nurses that had been there 10+ years had their way of doing things and if you chose to defy them you were out plain and simple. The floor director was new to her position and I give her kudos for trying, however because we were so short staffed she was trying not to tick off the long-term nurses before she could find replacements. Understandable. I tried the chain of command, clear up to the DON in the hospital. Know what that got me? The reputation of being a tattletale. I went to her twice! I never saw her, because I worked midnight. The final straw came the night the charge nurse whispered to everyone(in a voice loud enough I could hear mind you), not to say anything to me because I told the floir director everything that was said. Not even close! If that were true they all would have been disciplined long before that! I did my 12 hour shift with people only speaking to me when "absolutely necessary" from nurses to PCT's, went home, called the DON and resigned that morning. I'm not in high school and refuse to play high school clique games. I also refuse to gossip about every single person behind their back and be nice to their face. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, bullying is alive and well. My mental health is worth much much more than a job.
    I absolutely respect your actions. I would rather work with someone who is a good example of a professional like you than all those poor excuses who harassed you.
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    Quote from nadomel
    As far as I am concerned I was attacked by both the CNA and other nurses at the hospital I worked. To say someone has to grow a thicker skin is really absorbed. Not only have I gone through this my charge nurse also confirmed this when he called me aside and stated that a person or rather a particular nurse tried to instigate him to refuse from rendering assistance to me . He told me that he is convinced that nurse was the one who was instigating others around me. I have shared my story with other nurses at the hospital and they encouraged me to report them. While sharing with a nurse she told me this " In my career , I realized that I don't have to be friends with them and that is was okay" I hope you all never have the experience that I went through. I don't want sympathy from anyone I am a strong individual. I know bullying is real. One of my friend who is a nurse in the same hospital became suicidal for a similar incident. She has since checked herself in a facility. I will not let anyone make me feel less of a person especially when I did not do anything to warrant the behavior. I will continue to avoid them at all cost. Less negativity in my life. When other CNA's who are not assigned to that floor work there is no problem. Lucky for me the charge nurse told me that I should avoid them and he will always help me with whatever I need. For those who believe that I never gave them a chance to get to know me well you all are so wrong I tried. I was bluntly put in place during my preceptorship and I quote " you don't answer to her" (from one CNA to another"). I will continue to fight against bullying against nurses or anyone for that matter. No one decides my fate except God. I declare that my nursing career will not be short lived and I will be a great nurse. In answer to your question I made it out of high school quite fine .
    I am proud of you OP. You were right to stand your ground against the bullies or awful people replying to the post.

    It's not our place to always judge someone's credibility. That's why I said "based on what you said". You needed the benefit of the doubt here, and people where jumping to their own conclusions and being completely unsupportive.

    It's just sad that being supportive of each other when we do the right thing is difficult in this profession. That hasn't been my experience in other professions and has me worried. Especially since what we do is so important and we're supposed to know better.

    I do hope you will work on being appropriately assertive, and learn some social engineering. It isn't wrong to not have these skills, but they will help tremendously.