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I was assaulted by my patient approximately one year ago and now that it has been the anniversary of my injury, I wanted to share how my life is now and how I am still affected. Summary--original post for further reading One... Read More

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    Quote from betterlatethennever
    Iam so sorry for your assault. Our job is tough. I injured my back 10 years ago and still have chronic pain issues. When I first injured it my doctor was staight forth and said once you injure your back its for life. This really helped me get through my depression of never being able to work the floor. I took some time off and now have been back to the grind for many years. I have my good days and bad days with pain issues. But I try my best to be conscious at work and listen to my body. When dealing with agitated patients. I stay on guard and always position myself with a way out when entering a room. Just remember how far you have came in one year and always think of yourself first. Good luck too you!
    This is very good advice and I you are right. Once I just admit to myself that bedside nursing is not the best option for me and I can start to grieve that loss of the idea I had in my head of being in the ICU for decades, I can start to see why other fields of nursing are better for me. I guess I'm just not there yet. I keep holding on to this idea that I wanted to be an ICU nurse since before nursing school and I worked hard and I should be able to do what I want to do as a consequence of that hard work, but life doesn't work that way.

    Edit: And I'm very sorry you are injured too. I wouldn't even wish it upon my worst enemy

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    Quote from canchaser
    OP, check to see if your hospital (assuming its a acute care hospital) has a clinical documentation department. our Department works closely with HIM ensuring HP are in the chart within 24 hours of admit. If not we have a policy we follow to try and get it tin there. We work most closely wth case management because we concurrently code the cahrts basde of DX and get them a lenghth of stay. You read through charts ensuring documentation is correct for billing. For example, if a dr writes low NA this doesnt equal hyponatremia for billing till hyponatremia is in the chart and its being treated. You still use your nursing skills bc doc and NP dont always document correctly and their is alot of interpretation of the documentation. Last week one of my charts had trichamonas in the UA. Doctor and nurses on floor did not catch it till I called doc.i have the time to read the chart with a fine tooth comb). With the implementation of ICD 10 in the next year and a half my hospital is upping this department of 25 nurses system wide to add 10 new nurses. A local hospital also has 10 openings. Some hospitals require rounding on the floors and some dont but then at least you wont be in direct care of the patientand hopefully you wouldnt need grad school at this time. Good luck in your decisions.
    So you're the one I see leaving notes in the chart that say "Dr. So and So please change your charting to reflect blah blah blah?" I always wondered who that was.

    This sounds very interesting and a great way to use my knowledge and critical thinking. Do you need to go to school for it?
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    Quote from brandy1017
    Sorry to hear you are still struggling with daily pain! I think this is a silent epidemic in nursing and nobody will do anything to help us! Why did it take an act of congress to get safe needles in the hospitals! We need an act of congress to mandate a safe NO LIFT environment in all hospitals and nursing homes throughout the country! I'm so sick of being subjected to daily pain and wear and tear because the hospitals choose to be cheap and refuse to provide adequate staffing and lift equipment that would protect us and the patients and give dignity to all!

    I personally believe that this should be the first priority for the ANA and govt to mandate safe staffing levels and a no lift environment. The unions spend so much time on mandatory overtime, which is wrong and ridiculous, but I'm more likely to be injured due to lack of lift equipment than mandatory overtime! That should be the first priority!

    I can't afford to go back to school either, though I would gladly if I had the money, but I don't want to have my social security garnished from the student loans. For many of us going back to school is not the answer because we don't have enough time to pay off the loans before retirement. Student loans are becoming mortgages without a house!
    This is so true but it's also disheartening. In my state it's supposedly punishable by fining to not have lift help, but they can obviously get around it somehow. There needs to be enforceable laws.
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    some days it's much much easier to go through life with grace and other days it can be darned near impossible! just ask
    my husband!

    also i do much better when i don't let myself dwell on the future and what will happen, what might happen, and what could

    the online programs sound great! wish i could do one too.

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