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I am a new grad from Miami and have been looking for a job since I graduated last May. Well I finally was offered a position in Williston, ND. Those of you who live there know the housing situation.... Read More

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    Quote from san22

    So sorry to hear that. I have a phone interview for Trinity next week. I'm worried that IF I land a position, it will be nearly impossible to find a place there. How long did the hospital give you to find a place?
    They were actually really nice about it. I explained my situation and she told me she'll hang on to my paperwork as long as it takes. I hope I can make this work but I'm not holding my breath. Good luck in your interview and in finding a place!!

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    Quote from gaonsi
    How is this different than any other state? There's danger everywhere.
    The difference is that there are usually enough police to deal with the riff raff. In Western ND the population has expanded so fast that there aren't adequate police to deal with things. God forbid you need help, cuz you might be on your own. That all being said, there is danger everywhere.
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    It's so sad to hear about nurses being unable to find any housing in North Dakota. So many jobs in North Dakota but no place to live.
    How frustrating it must be to get a nursing job and then have no place to live!
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    Getting a job in Bismarck, ND would be easy for you.. Fargo too.. These are safer places with more housing options and plenty of Nursing jobs... You could choose just about any specialty you are interested in and get the job
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    did you end up taking the job in williston? im thinking of moving there also. i currently live in indiana. if you dont want to move so far there are plenty of jobs in indiana. the only reason im looking there is due to my husband's job.

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