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help needed for finding job

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    i passed my nclex pn last week. i am looking for jobs but all of them wanted 1-2 years experiences .but sadly , i do not have any job experiences( (i worked as work study while i was at school).so this means it is hard for me to get jobs right ? many nurses suggested me to start working in ltc or home health . but i am having hard time finding ltc jobs and home health jobs. i would greatly appreciate if anyone help me on this matter. how can i find nursing homes, home health etc near by my area ? are nursing home and home health are same thing ? i seriously wanted to work as a nurse.
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    Nursing home means long term care facilities. Home health means home health agencies. A good way to find employers to approach for work is to look in the yellow pages under "home health services", "nurses and nursing registries" and "nursing homes". You can also look under the same headings on an internet search for your area. You will be more likely to get a job at a nursing home, also called long term care facility. Home health agencies normally want someone with one to two years experience in acute care. Good luck.
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    Which state are you in, this will probably be better of in your state forum?
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    I am in North Dakota state. Please help...
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    Moved to the North Dakota state forum

    Good luck
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    I went through the yellow pages and internet but i didn't find any jobs related to LTC. Please help.