Watts School of Nursing?

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    Anyone attend Watts?

    I've been hearing it's pretty good, but would love to hear more input.


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    i'm not a grad., but i do work with some. they all say the same things:
    a lot of work but it is doable.
    the instructors are very strict, (i.e. dress code, absentee policy)
    they are great nurses to work with, orient fast and fun. it is a local school for my hospital so we see quite a few.
    good luck!
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    I graduated from Watts. Hard but good training. Everytime you think that what they ask you to do is the hard way, just remember there is usually a method to their madness. Go for it and good luck.
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    I am currently doing my gen. education courses for Watts but will start the actual nursing program in January. You can go to their website which does provide a lot of information.

    Check out: http://www.wattsschoolofnursing.org/
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    Quote from Cherish
    I am currently doing my gen. education courses for Watts but will start the actual nursing program in January. You can go to their website which does provide a lot of information.

    Check out: http://www.wattsschoolofnursing.org/

    I got a Watts Nursing Packet in the mail the other day and was unsure as to if the cost of tuition was for both Mt. Olive College and Watts or just Watts and Mt. Olive is another tuition in its own??? Please let me know when you can. I tried calling them, but the Director of the Program is out of the office until next week. Thanks.
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    Hello, I go to Watts and I am in third semester. Watts is both awesome and hard. It's a lot of hands on beginning with first semester. And when you graduate you are well prepared to be an RN. Their reputation is well known and it is a honor to attend Watts. You will definitely receive the best teaching.
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    I just found out about WSON this week and I'm soo excited, and apprehensive, too because I don't want to get my hopes up. I'm going to be 35 in November and I've wanted to go into nursing for the longest time. I got my degree in teaching and English because I struggled with math & science in school and basically, everyone told me I should be teacher. Yet, every time I'm at a hospital or a loved one is hurt, I feel like I'm in my "zone"! I feel that's where I belong. My ultimate goal is to become a nurse-midwife.

    So, if anyone has some feedback on Watts, that would be great. I've read the other posts, but I have more questions (which I'll also try to direct to the school).
    --I see that Anatomy & Phys is the first core subject, but no other sciences after that?? Is this OK? Does it come up as an issue on the NCLEX? Do you just learn the other science material from clinicals? I have always been so fearful of the science aspect (specifically chemistry) but I think if I learn it in a relavant manner, I would be OK.

    --What is the actual daily schedule like? You do core courses first, and is that at night? I thought I had read that. Then, do you have daytime clinicals or can you choose? I have two small children (which is why I've also waited so long to pursue this) and I'm trying to figure out how they would fit into my schedule.

    --Does anyone have loans? I don't see that typical financial aid is available (like at a university) and I would need to find a way to get help with the tuition. Any suggestions on that?

    thanks soo much in advance-:bowingpur
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    Hello at watts they make your schedule regarding classes and clinicals. There are no night classes. 1st semester you usually have 3-4 days of classes and one day of clinical. 2nd and 3rd sesester you have 2 days of clinical and 2 days of class. Class and clinicals usually are over by 4pm.
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    There is a total of 5 semesters. One semester with MOC and then the other 4 semesters with Watts. The tuition for MOC ranges from 4500-5500 depending on the classes you are taking. The online classes are cheaper to take then the cohort classes but thats because they provide your textbook. The tuition for Watts is a total of I think 23000 which includes textbooks, uniform, supplies (except watch, stethoscope and shoes). The financial aid is the same as for any college, they have grants and state scholarships and federal loans just like other schools. They also have a deal with Duke Health System (Duke University Hospital, Durham Regional, Duke Raleigh) where they will repay the 23000 (minus taxes) for a 3 yr contractual committment to work with them.

    Go to www.wattsschoolofnursing.org

    It has the list of tuition and their 2007-2008 handbook which you can read. If you need answers to your questions each month there is an open house at Watts (next one Oct 22). Check the website out for the date. They will answer MANY questions there. Also you can contact Ms. Hawkins who is on that website also and is the coordinator. She will be your contact throughout the acceptance/application process. You can email or call her (contact and phone number information provided on website) and set an appt for a meeting.
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    Hi Everyone,
    Im moving to Durham in July and Im going to apply to Watts. Sounds like a good school. Has anyone on this post got in since the last post? Is there a waiting list? Have any tips or advice for me? I plan on going FT but initially i was wondering about the pre reqs, is it possible to work casual or PT while taking those or should I go full on with trying to knock them out? Im actually blessed to have the option to go FT without having to work thanks to the support of my husband and family, we have two small boys also. Im just trying to get it going and wanted some advice. I emailed Ms. Hawkins after I got my packet.

    Thanks =)

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