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I'm currently attending Ohio State Univ but will be moving back home with my parents after receiving my BS in Human Nutrition. I hope to attend either JCC or Wake Tech to become an RN through their ADN program. Ideally I would be... Read More

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    carolina'sfinest, I have been an actual nursing student at both...currently attending JCC. From my perspective, having been in both, the faculty at JCC are much more caring and the "student-friendly." In my opinion, WTCC treats its students like "if you get it, you get it; if you don't, you dont." I felt WTCC was cold and some of the teachers were not honest with the students about what a test would cover. I felt this to be very disingenuous and unfair. Also, the NCLEX pass rate is higher at JCC, with the exception of this last year. This is because they have just undergone a state-mandated curriculum change. Keep in mind the NCLEX pass rate is rated on the first attempt only. For example, a 96% pass rate doesn't mean the other 4% didn't pass, it just means they didn't pass it the first time. If you look at the pass rate over the last 10 years compared with WTCC, JCC's rate has been far better. My main reason for being at JCC is that it has made a huge difference to me that the instructors at JCC are accessible and there for the students, they are not arrogant, and are willing to do whatever they can to help the students. They are friendly and honest, and always do what they say. They are also extremely helpful in the clinical setting, rather than being intimidating, as I felt most WTCC instructors were. Let's face it...clinicals are pretty scary.

    Nursing school is one of the hardest things you will ever do. After experiencing what WTCC could NOT offer me, I have found the guidance, education, encouragement, and sense of comraderie I was looking for at JCC. Lest you think I am just a bitter former student, I am not the only one. Truthfully, as clinical nursing students, we put a lot of our lives, time, and work into our school, and when things don't work, it's very disheartening. There is an enormous and distinct difference in WTCC and JCC and its instructors. Maybe what they should be posting is not 1st time NCLEX pass rates, but rather 1st or 2nd semester student DROP rates. At JCC, it's barely noticeable (5-10%)... At WTCC, it's astounding at almost 35-45% in the first two semesters alone!!! Need I say more?

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    Hello! I have been looking to Wake Tech Community College, basically I m from California and I m applying Out-State as over in California the wait list is more than 2 -3 years. Plus my pre-quistes are expiring in 2013. Please could you tell me which program is better to apply Gaston College, Wake Tech or JCC? Or do they have the LPN program, I can go through that route too. Just want to keep options open.
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    Don't know anything about Gaston. I attend JCC and when I started trying to get information about applying, Wake tech was not very user-friendly. I like the program at JCC, but don't have anything to compare it to.
    Good Luck!!
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    Thanks alot for the information. Do you know where I get information on the classes needed before entering the program? Also do they have TEAS V as their entrance exam? When is the application drop of time ?and how long is the waiting time? Sorry was asking so many questions I just want to be prepared before applying.
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    You can go their website www.johnstoncc.edu and click on the quicklinks to select program. I believe you can do the information session online.

    I believe they are using the TEAS V

    I had to apply by March and found out in June/July (maybe closer to the end of July) for the fall

    I know they have made some changes b/c they are going for NLN accreditation.

    I would recommend that if you have to wait at all, take nutrition, pharmacology, terminology course if you can. I think they have added a chem req. They are using a concept-based curriculum which is lacking a little bit in some of those areas. You don't take specific courses: it is based on concepts and they teach what you need to know for that concept. The book is horrible, but they are working on getting a better one.
    Good Luck
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    Hey! Thanks for all the information. Does LPN program need all the classes you mentioned? I already have my medical terminology class and nutrition is almost done. So for the LPN program do they need the TEAS V? As i m applying from California, i dont want to miss the application day. I m happy to hear they let you know by July. Over here the process takes about 6 months..and after a year and half they tell you if the student got in or not. I will checkout the website again, i m still confused on few things. If i have question, will post them, so alteast i m prepared before I apply next year
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    I'm sorry, I don't know anything about the LPN program. We DO have a student in our class that opted to take the entire RN program rather than the bridge and I am not sure why.

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