Wake Med Nurse Residency Program Spring 2013 - page 2

The website for the nurse residency program says that they're accepting applications for the spring 2013 Cohort. There are no applications under the new grad category though! Did I miss the... Read More

  1. by   snfairfax
    anyone else's application status change to ""An initial pool is under consideration. You may be given consideration at a later date.?"
  2. by   Katie71275
    Yep. Stinks.
  3. by   littlenurse21
    yep. me too. all of them
  4. by   snfairfax
    Littlenurse21 what do you mean by all of them?
  5. by   littlenurse21
    I had applied to a few positions..
  6. by   Katie71275
    Yep all of mine too.
  7. by   JillyRN
    Yep, all of mine got that same status. Bummer.
  8. by   QuanaBSN
    I got the same thing but I ended up getting my first job offer somewhere else. I start Monday so I'm excited and ready to learn!! I wish you all luck in your searches
  9. by   snfairfax
    Congratulations QuanaBSN!!!! That's awesome