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The website for the nurse residency program says that they're accepting applications for the spring 2013 Cohort. There are no applications under the new grad category though! Did I miss the application deadline, or have they not... Read More

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    Hi all! I also applied for the WakeMed residency programs. The description wasn't very specific on how to qualify so I'm not sure if I really have a chance. Does anyone know if there is an experience (or lack thereof) requirement? I've been an RN 2 years, but recently finished by BSN and hoping to get into acute care. I've only done outpatient work, so I know I would greatly benefit from a residency program. However, I'm not sure if hospitals are willing to take those that aren't completely green to nursing. Good luck all. I hope you hear back soon

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    Hey JilyRN!

    I'm not sure about wake meds program, but other nurse residencies I have applied for require that you've been an RN for 6 months or less! I would email the recruiter if there's an email address!
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    Quote from snfairfax
    Yes! Don't give up something will come out of all these apps! Haha
    Thanks I definitely wont give up!!
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    anyone else's application status change to ""An initial pool is under consideration. You may be given consideration at a later date.?"
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    Yep. Stinks.
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    yep. me too. all of them
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    Littlenurse21 what do you mean by all of them?
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    I had applied to a few positions..
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    Yep all of mine too.
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    Yep, all of mine got that same status. Bummer.

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