UNC New Grad Residency Feb 2013

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    Hello All! I have an interview for UNC's new grad program and I was wondering if anyone has had an interview already, if so what area? How competitive is it to work here? Anybody already hired? I'm nervous but excited at the same time! Any info would be helpful...thanks!

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    How excited! And congratulations on your interview. I went through their new grad fellowship in 2009 and I worked in the CICU. Great learning experience. The down side for me was rotating shifts (day/night), the commute, and the parking so I only stayed there for 2 years. But it was well worth the knowledge I gained!
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    Congrats! I was hired at UNC this past summer as a new grad. It's a great hospital to work for with great benefits and pay. Also has a strong New Grad program. About the interview... once you get there you will meet with someone from Nurse Recruiting and go over salary, benefits, etc. They will ask you some behavioral based interview questions. Then you will go and meet the nurse manager of the unit you're interviewing for. They will get to know you and ask you more behavioral based questions. Best piece of advice... get acquainted with behavior based questions! From these questions they are looking for specific examples of how you did such and such during clinicals, previous jobs, etc. Very specific. They don't want to know "What I would do is..." They want to know "What I did do is..." These types of questions are also very flexible though. So for example if you're asked about dealing with an unsatisfied customer you can talk about you dealt with an unsatisfied patient/family member or if you ever worked as say a waiter/customer service rep how you dealt with it there. To prepare myself I googled different behavioral based questions, printed some out, and then wrote down how I did that during clinicals or previous work, just to refresh myself with what I had accomplished. None of the questions I reviewed were exactly the same as what I was asked in the interview but I definitely felt more prepared. They know you're a new grad so they're not looking for you to answer in a way that shows you have previous healthcare experience (whether you do or not). UNC is HUGE on customer service, teamwork, professionalism, and so on. Do as much research on the hospital as you can. Ask really good questions. Dress professionally. Be friendly. Most of all be prepared. To answer your question about being competitive... Yes it's very competitive! But the hardest part is getting the interview! When I interviewed the recruiter told me they had over 800 applications for 60 jobs. So now that you got past the worst part all you need to do is show them who you are and what you're going to bring to their unit. Hope this helps and good luck
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    Thank you so much! I appreciate all the advice! I will make sure to research and practice some behavioral questions ASAP
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    Out of curiousity, did the UNC Fellowship folks contact you for an interview via phone or by email? Thanks!
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    Im curious how the interview went? I just applied for the Summer New Grad program and am hoping I get a call back. Im out of state but very interested in moving to NC.
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    I'm starting my application now! I graduate in 8 weeks from nursing school.
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    Just submitted my application! I hope I get an interview!
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    I just got an email that they received all my info so hoping I will get an interview when the application period closes out on March 18. We shall see!
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    Anybody filling out an app for the October 18th deadline (to start in February 2014)? Just curious!

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