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    Hi, anybody out there applying for the BSN May cohort for 2012?

    I am! I live in California right now but plan is to relocate to NC in the future so if I get accepted, guess we'll be moving next year!

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    Hi -

    I am, well I am thinking of doing so. They accepted my anatomy course but not my physiology and it would cost me $800 to re-take it so I'm 2nd guessing applying. Have you heard anything on how difficult the admissions process is? Are you applying anywhere else in NC?
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    Why didn't they accept your physiology course? Can't you retake it at a community college for cheaper?

    I haven't heard anything on how difficult it is to get in, we just need to remember that anybody and everyone can have a chance as long as we work hard and try!!! Oh and some serious patience helps too!

    Not applying anywhere else in NC at this time.

    Do you live in NC?
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    I have no idea! I went to Boston University for my first undergrad so I don't know why. The problem with CC's is that they usually have A and P courses and I need to take a stand alone Phys class. UGH! I'm actually from Seattle but a couple of my friends recently moved to NC and love it so I figured I would look at schools in the area. I'm also applying to schools in NYC and the Seattle area.
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    Well good luck!! Out here in CA, they have mostly the stand alone A and P courses, although I have seen a couple of them together too.

    Take care!
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    I am applying for the second time for the May BSN cohort, wait listed last time. Just a note on the physiology class, UNC requires that your A and P courses be taken at the same institution so that there isn't any information missed between the two courses.

    Notes on applying: they really like volunteer work!!! Also, make sure you spend a lot of time on your essays, that's what got me last time.

    The nursing school just cut a significant number of positions last year after budget cuts, so this cycle is going to be more competitive than it has been before, especially because they are no longer excepting BSN students in both January and May.

    Good Luck!
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    Just wanted to clarify a few things about the Physiology course - you do not have to take your A and P courses at the same institution. If you took a stand alone Anatomy course (i.e. Biology 252 at UNC), then UNC wants you to take a stand alone Physiology course, not Part 2 of a Part 1 & 2 series. You can take the stand alone Physiology course anywhere, as long as it meets the UNC Course Equivalency guidelines. I'm assuming they want you take the courses in a Part 1 and 2 series at the same institution (what tarheal2012 mentioned).

    I have found the UNC SON online admissions chat to be VERY helpful - they hold it every Tuesday from 11 to 12, if I'm remembering correctly. You can ask them anything! It is very competitive, especially now with the aforementioned budget cuts (instead of two BSN cycles and two ABSN cycles per year, they are down to one of each per year).
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    Also - here is the link for the UNC Course Equivalency database. This thing saved my life! Hopefully it will work...

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    Thanks so much for the helpful info Moggsy! Are you attending Chapel Hill currently?
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    No prob! I am not attending UNC currently, but I am applying for the May 2012 cohort.

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