UNC BSN May 2014

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    Has anyone applied for UNC's BSN program which starts this May? I applied and am nervously waiting. Just wondering if anyone else is going through the same thing.
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    I have applied for the BSN program at UNC. I'm waiting and waiting.....They will send their decision in March. I know, it is a boomer!!! I'm very nervous because I'm a second degree student and I heard they prefer first degree students. We have a loooonnnggg way to find that out.
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    Yes, I'm a second degree student as well. Very nervous about that factor based on what I've read. But, I'm hoping that I bring experience and other dimensions that will help me be an asset. I've also applied to Duke and have an interview there in 2 weeks. I have a pretty good shot at getting into Duke, but my first choice is UNC. I wish these next few weeks would go by quickly!
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    Another 2nd degree student here. Only I didn't know what I was getting into when I applied... It was last minute based on hubby's job transfer and had I known what a competitive program it was I would have poured a little more into it. I'm a bit worried. Does Duke have a traditional program with a spring start also? I only knew about their ABSN and I am finishing my last pre-req (and didn't have time for the GRE, it's the ONLY school I looked into that required it) so I couldn't apply for that. Maybe for January though...

    I haven't seen as much activity on here as for other cycles, not sure what that means but hopefully good things for us!
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    Hey BSNhopefulVet if you don't get into the BSN this fall you can apply for their ABSN for spring 2015. That's what I'm thinking to do if I don't get into the BSN. I think I'm a great candidate for either program. UNC receives 400-500 applications for their BSN each year and they only admit 104 students. It is a tough program to get in even if you are a great candidate. The wait is driving me crazy!!! Duke doesn't have a traditional nursing program but the ABSN is offer in both Fall and Spring, so you can always apply to Duke ABSN for Spring 2015.

    Good luck with it though
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    Blossom7 - Thanks! I didn't know Duke's program was offered in both fall and spring, oh well. I guess if all else fails I can improve my application with more current volunteer time, re-taking a class if need be (my stats grade wasn't so great, but it was also many many moons ago and all my science pre-reqs have been As) and go for round 2 for Jan '15 admission... at least since they are ABSN programs graduation won't be any later, just more crammed into a shorter period of time
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    Wow, there really aren't many people contributing to this thread. Definitely not as many as other years. I'm hoping this goes in our favor...
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    Hi everyone. I received my letter of acceptance today in the mail. I'm nervous and excited but this is what I have been working hard for. It was a tough road to get to this point. Good luck everyone and I wish you all get accepted!
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    Congrats, malibu12! What's your story? Are you a current UNC student or 2nd degree student?
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    Thanks. I really did not expect to hear so soon!

    I am a second degree student. I work full time and am a full time mother of a 3 year old and 1 year old. Over the past two years I've been retaking classes part-time and volunteering all with the hopes of getting into UNC's program. I'm very excited and hope more people start posting their good news as well.

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