UNC BSN May 2013

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    I just wanted to see if anyone was applying for UNC-Chapel Hill's BSN program starting in May 2013!

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    Yes! Are you a first degree or second degree? I wish it was March already!
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    I am a second degree applicant. I graduated from UNC in May 2012 a year early (so everyone from my freshman class is graduating May 2013). Are you a first or second degree? I hate the wait!!
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    I'm second degree too :/ I graduated in 2010 from Appalachian State. Have you applied to any other programs?

    p.s...I'm so glad you started this thread!
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    I applied to UNC's program when I was an undergraduate for May 2011 and was wait listed (so I changed my major and graduated early). I also applied to WSSU ABSN program that was to start Jan. 2013 and was not accepted. My application has changed a lot so hopefully I will get in this time at UNC!

    I was hoping someone else was going to start a thread and when one didn't pop up I decided to go for it, I couldn't be the only one applying!!
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    Well it looks like we are the only ones! Haha hopefully that means good news in about a month . I applied to duke and UNCG as well. I hate waiting...I'm usually a very patient person, but I haven't been lately! What kind of medical experience do you have?! Hopefully someone else will find us!
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    Oh yea, what was your first degree in? I'm a psych major
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    Hey guys! I also applied to UNC's 2 year nursing program. I graduated with a biology degree from a private liberal arts university in NC back in 2011. I've been accepted to one of my top choice accelerated programs and I have an interview at my other one. I like what I have seen from UNC but as a 2nd bachelor's degree applicant, I'm wondering whether I want to take 2 years to complete the program instead of an accelerated. Anyone else feeling the same or have any thoughts?
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    I was a psych major too!! Since I have graduated college I have been working full time in an Alzheimer and Dementia Assisted Living/ LTC facility as a CNA. I was considering Duke and UNCG, but Duke is too expensive for me and I don't have the NUR 210 &220 for UNCG.
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    Hello! I am glad this thread was started! I am a second degree BSN seeker applying for May 2013.

    @kelsey939- I am also seriously wondering if I want to take two years to complete a BSN when I could do it much faster(I just got accepted into an ABSN as well, much more expensive though).

    What does everyone have for healthcare experience/volunteering/GPA? I feel like I am out of my league, being that UNC-CH is so highly ranked.

    After reading the thread from May 2012, so many of the 2nd-degree seekers were not admitted, and it seemed like the undergrads are preferred.

    March cannot come soon enough!!

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