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I just wanted to see if anyone was applying for UNC-Chapel Hill's BSN program starting in May 2013!... Read More

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    Any more word on when we are going to find out?! Good luck to everyone
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    I called today and they said not to expect answers until mid March. I guess they're running a little later than they were last year. Bummer 😭
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    BOOO... I've been checking my.unc like CRAZY.
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    Booo....I agree. Does anyone know when the semester begins? Orientation?
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    I think the semester begins may 13 but no clue as to when orientation is
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    I think the semester starts May 13 but I have no clue about orientation. They are giving us such a small amount of time to sort our lives out with the admissions decision timing. Sorry about the two posts in a row my phone is being weird
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    Hi all! I am also anxiously awaiting for the decision. Does anyone know the acceptance rate into the program?
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    I think they accept around 96 out of 400 applicants, at least that's how it's been in the past I believe. But I'm not positive!
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    Mid March?! :-( Well, I'm glad I thought to come here and look, and glad that someone else has called. I can stop watching for the mailman and compulsively checking my.unc until next week, I guess. Good luck to everyone!
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    Hey guys. I just joined a sec ago. I was following the posts for the 2013 ABSN everyday, only to know when to check the mail. This time I thought I might be able to meet potential classmates. Wishing all of us the best of luck next week!
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    Hey! I just joined this website and I've been reading this thread while I waited to hear. But I just wanted to let you know current UNC students got their letters yesterday,(I got in!!!) so they're coming soon for you guys!
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    Can someone please post when they receive a letter or if they check my.unc and see that the status has changed... GOOD OR BAD!! I am not a current student - I'm actually a second degree student, but I don't think that works in my favor
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    Congratulations ajchir!! and thank you for the update!