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I just wanted to see if anyone was applying for UNC-Chapel Hill's BSN program starting in May 2013!... Read More

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    I found the same info as some of you about decisions being made on March 1st; the last two years of applicants were notified then! The past few ABSN cohorts were notified 9-10 weeks out as well. I would love to find out in 6 days

    @dane2010: political science and studio arts. Psych is a great background for nursing!

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    The majority of the people on the forum last year got rejected. That is extremely unsettling.
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    Yes, I noticed that as well. Not a nice feeling. We've got to stay positive though!
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    Hi everyone!!!
    I'm so glad someone started this thread. I've been trying not to think about it for the last few months but now that we're close to the acceptance letters, I'm super excited.

    Definitely checking back here every day to see if anyone has heard anything or gotten their letters.

    Third degree seeking student
    Have health education degree/lactation consultant
    I work in L&D/PP
    Cum GPA 3.2/ Science GPA 3.6

    Good luck to everyone. I'm not expecting to get in due to my low GPA but anythings possible I guess. I did apply to a second "safe" school and I fully expect that I will be attending this one. But a girl can dream!!!!
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    I love your enthusiasm! Thanks for sharing your stats, you've got awesome experience (and in the field I want to go into!). Are you an NC resident?
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    I am getting so nervous/stressed/excited to hear about admissions into the program!!!! Anyone else? Starting Friday (the 1st), I will be checking MyUNC every hour!!

    Also, anyone have any ideas about how the school views non-residents?
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    I am not a resident of NC but I am military. Most colleges offer in-state status to military personal due to having to move so much. I'm really hoping to get in and settle down in the Chapel Hill area. I've heard nothing but amazing things about the area.
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    Do you both expect the results will be out in early March? Good luck to you both!
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    I'm betting that decisions will be mailed March 1st, and their should be a difference in what we see on our MyUNC accounts that day or soon after(based on previous application cycles comments on here:-)

    @dane2010: THANKS! and good luck to you as well!

    @amyibclc: From what I have seen working in an ER, I think vets make some of the best nurses! Even though we qualify as residents for tuition purposes I am curious if being military/transient helps or hurts us, or even matters... I am worried that they would not chose me out of fear that I would drop out of the program because my husband will eventually have to PCS, because I would definitely not. Anyway, good luck to you! I think you have a very good shot!!
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    Any more word on when we are going to find out?! Good luck to everyone

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