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I just wanted to see if anyone was applying for UNC-Chapel Hill's BSN program starting in May 2013!... Read More

  1. by   dane2010
    I just looked online and it says we should get our decision online no later than April 1st....that is soooo long from now! I was thinking it would be mid-march. I too am second degree, and it makes sense that they would favor first degree students...just hope it's not true:/ is anyone going to call?
  2. by   brittbrittRN
    I think I will try to call next week, and will for sure post here about it. The absn program I got into is in Colorado, starting April 1st. I REALLY need to know sooner than that if I am getting into UNC-CH ! My husband is in the Army..and about to be stationed in North Carolina. Does anyone know how the school views out of state students? It seems like most of us are second degree seeking.... Wolfpackmommy: Since you were waitlisted, I would love to know what your application looked like..GPA/healthcare experience/etc... if you don't mind sharing..

    Good luck everyone!
  3. by   UNChopeful
    Quote from luvmydogNC
    I just wanted to see if anyone was applying for UNC-Chapel Hill's BSN program starting in May 2013!
    Hey! I'm really glad this got posted as well. I applied for the May 2013 BSN matriculation. I've been digging for info quite a bit and it looks like most answers went out around March 9 last year. I am not a second degree student - I was supposed to graduation from UNC Wilmington this may but the admissions officers at Chapel Hill told me not to do it....so that'll be getting put off. Do y'all mind sharing your stats?Thanks!
  4. by   dane2010
    I hope decisions go out that early, that would be great! If you dont mind me asking, how come the admissions officers at Carolina told you not to graduate?
  5. by   UNChopeful
    Well they said you're ineligible to apply if you graduate the term before they matriculate. I had to pick up a Spanish minor to avoid graduating this semester. They had to completely change the "category" of my application over the phone. It was strange honestly. It's like they have 2 different review teams for 1st degree and 2nd degree students. The woman on the phone didn't come out and say it exactly but it definitely did sound like its easier to get in as a 1st degree applicant like you're all saying. My mother's comment on it was "it's like the only place they want you to have a degree from is UNC." Whatever. Good luck regardless!!
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  6. by   brittbrittRN
    I got a 3.8 on pre-reqs and science but cumulative undergrad GPA is laughable (<3.0). Worked as a physician scribe in an ER, and volunteered for a physical therapy clinic at an Army hospital. My essay's were definitely my strong point being that I am a military spouse and I have worked in healthcare in a medically under-served part of the United States...I hope they don't weigh very heavily on cum GPA.
  7. by   UNChopeful
    I'm really hoping they don't care about overall either. I mean they really shouldn't because the overall gpa comes from so many different classes it's not even fair. Mine is pretty low too (3.3) and my prereq is a 3.7. You've done some pretty awesome stuff that'll be great competition for the rest of the applicants
  8. by   brittbrittRN
    Your stats seem good to me, and you should be fine since you're a first-degree seeker! I agree the cumulative GPA's are tough because the range of schools and majors are so broad...

    What I would like to know is how many people applied for this 2 year BSN? Looking at the UNC-CH website, it doesn't say the percent of applicants applying for the BSN and ABSN...just that 400-500 apply and they accept 64 for the ABSN and 104 for the BSN. My guess is that more people apply for the ABSN...
  9. by   dane2010
    UncHopeful--thanks for the information! Hopefully having two committees is a good thing..? Haha I just wish they'd let us know already. It sounds like everyone is coming in strong. Yikes! I've been volunteering since August in peds in the hospital nearby and I've got a 3.6 cumulative GPA from my first degree. I'm still working on one pre-req but I'm hoping to come out with a 4.0. I just don't have an extensive medical background or tons of volunteer hours (and I hear that's what Carolina looks for). I hope more apply to ABSN! Did you?
  10. by   brittbrittRN
    I didn't apply to UNC-CH's ABSN. I found out that I was to move to NC just in time to apply to the BSN. If I don't get in, I will be going to an ABSN in Denver that starts April 1st Did you apply to other schools?
  11. by   dane2010
    Gosh! What are you planning on doing with those dates so close? I imagine that's pretty nerve wracking. I also applied to UNCG and Duke, but Carolina is my top choice...just wish it wasn't so competitive! Haha and I'm worried about my pre-reqs not being complete yet.
  12. by   UNChopeful
    I only applied for the BSN since I don't have a completed degree yet. It is nerve wracking and I'm going to be on a cruise with no phone service the week answers are supposed to come out hahaha. Ill be anxious the whole time. UNC is the only place I applied which was dumb but if I don't get in Ill just apply to UNCW for the spring. I don't really want to do the ABSN I'd rather take it slow and make sure I know everything really well rather than rushing through it. They're used to accepting people without completed prereqs so I'm sure that will be fine. I volunteer in the hospital in Wilmington and I started the March of Dimes chapter on UNCWs campus. 400-500 applicants for both degrees is actually pretty good. I expected like 1000. Their dental school receives roughly 7000 applications per year. Also, my mom went to UNCG and absolutely loved it.
  13. by   brittbrittRN
    @Dane2010 VERY nerve wracking. Especially considering that the Denver school's orientation is March 21st! I also feel bad waiting till the last minute to tell the Denver school that I won't be attending, if I end up getting into CH. I'd rather let the school know that they can let someone else have my spot. What was your first degree in and what pre-reqs do you have left?

    @UNChopeful oh my, I can't imagine having to wait even LONGER that the rest of us! In my experience on cruises, sometimes there are random spots of service, so hopefully you can still get some internet!!

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