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Does anybody have any input about working as an RN at Pitt Memorial in Greenville? I've been interested in working there but attend school in another part of the state and have not been within Pitt... Read More

  1. by   SimplisticRnx
    Hi Tigerlilie. Did they offer you the position on the day of your shadowing or did you have to wait for the call? Congrats on the job
  2. by   TheChair1
    SimplisticRnx are you applying for a spot in the new grad residency or just for a staff position? Im not sure if everyone has to tour/shadow. It is my understanding that the site visit is important so that they can see if one might be a good fit for a particular unit especially for the new grads but I'm just assuming.

    Tigerlilie, did you need to bring and present your driver's license and copy of your social security card for the site visit? Were you able to take the drug screen that same day as well? Or did they offer you a position and there is still stuff you have to complete? March 5 is right around the corner and I am seriously not sure how they are going to get all of this stuff done for some of us who are still in the interviewing stage. I'm so stressed out, lol. Don't even get me started on my anxiety in regards to acquiring a NC RN license. I passed NCLEX here in Illinois on 01/23/2012 and am still waiting for my illinois license number!
  3. by   SimplisticRnx
    Hi TheChair1. I have a phone interview for the residency program next week so I'm very anxious about prepping for it. Which unit did you interviewed for? I'm interviewing for family medicine and don't know what to expect. What types of questions will they ask you, if you won't mind sharing? Also, did the manager tell you right after your phone interview that you have to go on a site visit to determine if you're qualify for the job? Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions.
  4. by   narakira
    Hi TheChair1,

    My residency starts Feb 20th. A shadowing is not required. I was not told I got the job until a couple of days after the face-to-face interview. You can get a temporary license while you wait for ur official NC one. The temp one take about 6 business days I think. I did not have to bring anything to my interview. They will give you a bunch of paper stuff to take home. I recommend bringing a bag. Best of luck with your interview! Which unit are you interviewing for? I didn't have clinical question with my face to face interview, just with the phone one. Hope that helps
  5. by   narakira
    Hi SimplisticRnx,

    I am from Portland. What about you? Good luck with your interviews. Phone interviews can be a little scary. You might get some scenario questions. Just remember your basics like ABCs. They know we are new grads. Also, asks lots of questions. I think you have to ask to get to shadow. Even if you don't, they will go over the whole unit with you. Everyone I met there was so friendly. Let me know how it all goes!

  6. by   nathRN
    TheChair1 I am planning to go next week. What about you? I do not be on this site alot but if you want to talk email me Best of luck.
  7. by   nathRN
    Hi simplistic. Did you had your interview yet?
  8. by   TheChair1
    Hi nathRN! I am travelling next week for a site visit as well. I'm very excited even though I don't know what to expect. Best of luck to you as well! Maybe we will bump into one another.
  9. by   SimplisticRnx
    NathRN: I was suppose to have my phone interview this Tuesday, but they changed it to next Monday instead. Which unit are you interviewed for? Best of luck to you guys on your site visit next week. Let me know how everything goes. I'm hoping to move along on this interview process too
  10. by   SimplisticRnx
    Erin: I'm from the Salem area
  11. by   narakira
    Hey SimplisticRnx,

    This site will not let me send private messages, but I can receive them. If you send me your personal e-mail address, we can write that way. Also, sorry for the delay. I was busy packing and stuff. I love Oregon and am really going to miss the culture here. I went to school at U of P. How about you? The reimbursement is for flight and rental car. They hook you up with hotel. I think reimbursement is around $750. You just e-mail them your receipts. It take a few weeks to get the check after your interview. I wouldn't do skype. It is so much easier to talk to a group of people in person. Also, they give you a tour and you get to meet other staff members when you are there. I didn't even know Skype was an option. I interviewed on a Friday and was called Monday with an offer. The actual paper offer took longer to get to me in the mail. Everyone I talked to on the phone was great. It is ok to be nervous. Once you start talking to them, you will feel less nervous. They really don't expect you to know everything. Just know how you learn best. I hope this helps. Sorry for the delay. Let me know how it goes!

  12. by   TheChair1

    I was wondering if you wore a professional suit or scrubs to the site visit. I was planning on dressing professionally, but in the email that the recruiter sent out she said that scrubs were okay. How was everyone dressed? Thank you for the information.
  13. by   narakira
    Hi TheChair1,

    I dressed professionally. I didn't actually see anyone in scrubs. Some people chose to wear some high-high heels with skirts. I thought that was a little distracting, but who knows. I just wore slacks and a sweater. Best of luck with the interview! Which unit are you wanting?