RN to MSN @ UNC-CH, any reviews?

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    Hello allnurses,
    Hope everyone is having an awesome summer. I am currently researching some RN to MSN programs (here in NC). I was wondering if anyone has done the RN to MSN program @ UNC-Chapel Hill, and what the experience was like.....

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    I am interested in it as well, so I will be interested in any replies!
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    You might have better luck by posting this in the NC forums or in the APRN forums.
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    Only input I have is that I have sent in my transcript evaluations November last year. No response. I have emailed, no response. I have called, left messages, no response. I do live in VA and am not hard pressed enough to drive down there though. I've finally given up and am currently looking into other schools. I hope your luck with them is better.
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    Post moved to NC forum.
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    My best friend is an NP and came through this program. We both graduated ASU with BS degrees in Communications. After a long and winding road that took her career in many directions she decided to go into healthcare. She got her diploma at Mercy in Charlotte and then entered the UNC-Ch RN to MSN program and came out as an FNP. I hope to follow in her footsteps and will by applying to Mercy in December.
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    That is fantastic for your friend! How long does the RN-MSN program take?
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