REX heathcare residency

  1. 0 I am moving from Nashville to the raleigh area and looking to apply at the REX residency program. Wondering if it was any good/ how the schedule was and the pay. Any advice on other programs in the area is always welcome.

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    I can't comment to how the program is but Rex is part of the UNC system. I have a job at UNC and they quoted me about $21/hour as its a new grad position but they have since sent my formal offer letter with a higher hourly rate (previous healthcare and RN experience).

    I think applying certainly can't hurt - I didn't expect to get the interview for the job I applied for...I got the interview and the job. May as well try - worst they can say is no.
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    Rex usually do every other weekend schedule no on call hours requirement. I believe will be a good foundation for a new nurse graduate among other hospitals in Raleigh.Educators are very supportive.

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