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Is their still a big demand for nurses in north Carolina for new Grads?... Read More

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    Quote from PatMac10,SN
    Just got interview email for new graduate nursing residency program at Cape Fear Valley!
    CONGRATS!! I hope it goes well!

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    Quote from QuanaBSN

    CONGRATS!! I hope it goes well!
    Thanks! Me too!
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    Quote from esf08001
    I just accepted a job at Duke from out of state. I'm in a BSN program graduating in May. At the end of every month (last 7 days or so), Duke posts a job titled Clinical Nurse I New Grad. It shows all the units currently recruiting and the start dates. There have been a LOT of jobs for new grads. I'm from Mass and there are no hospitals that consistently post that many new grad positions.
    Hi. I just interviewed at Duke last week. How soon after your interview were you offered a position? And what unit?

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    I ended up being offered and accepting a job on a Heart Center CVICU that is managed by Duke. I got the offer a few weeks ago, but was deciding between other offers at another facility. Anyway. Graduated last thurs (May 9th) and our school is doing ATI Live NCLEX review this week. Got NCLEX not long afterwards. We start orientation for new grads July 15th.
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    @ashaffer89 - I had an interview at Duke and it took about 9-10 days for them to get back to me. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job Hope you have better luck!
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    Quote from Bear07_RN2B
    @ashaffer89 - I had an interview at Duke and it took about 9-10 days for them to get back to me. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job Hope you have better luck!
    Thank you for responding. I'm sorry you didn't get the job, at this point I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst so I don't feel so bad if I don't get it.

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    I live and work in Raleigh NC. Its has so many opportunities for Nurses and medical professionals. .not just Raleigh..but the Triad and triangle and also many other cities.
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    I'm from Michigan and know that 4 people from my class received offers from duke. Only 2 of accepted, but that's still better than most parts of the country from what I've noticed.
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    I'll be moving from Hawaii to NC and from my experience the market seems so much better for new grads. I didn't have any hospital experience and I was offered a position in Greensboro. In Hawaii, there are new grad RNs filling tons of CNA and clerk positions because no one will hire. I graduated in Michigan and a lot of our classmates also really struggled to secure their first position as a new grad. I was amazed that NC is hiring so many even from out of state.
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    I think the market is better here!!! I am do ready to start work in July!! Just found out I passed NCLEX today and my name is on the board website!!!!
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