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I am applying to the LPN program for Spring 2010. I was originally in the RN program, however failed my summer class by one point. :banghead: Anyway. I was wondering has any of the new LPN graduates found full time jobs? ... Read More

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    Just curious, have you found anything yet? I really hope so, I can only imagine how much that could make a person feel down in the dumps.

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    I know that many of you don't want to work in LTC but at this point it is a job. It is experience. I just finished the LPN portion of the program I am in (will be done with RN portion in May, 2010). I took the NCLEX on 9/11 and passed. There aren't many jobs available where I live for LPN's right now either but I have been working as a CNA at a nursing home and went to talk to the administrator about getting some experiences and training on the floor as an LPN. He was more than willing to let me start orientation...and for more of a raise than I was expecting. I'll still be working as an aide on my regularly scheduled weekends (at least until they can replace me or a permanent LPN spot opens up) but the opposite weekends I'll be getting some real job experience as a nurse. Job experience that will count on applications and resumes in the future.

    I don't think any local hospitals are hiring LPNs at the moment due to the movement toward RN only. I have only seen a few full-time LPN job postings for any facilities. I think things will start changing next year. Facilities will realize that they are burning out their RN's and with burn-out comes injuries, illnesses, and retirement. It is all cyclical and things will change again. Similar to situations such as BSN vs. ADN nurses. My hope is to finish the ADN program I am in and start working, but at the same time continue on with school.

    Good luck to everyone in the job search!
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    I am a new LPN and our local hospitals are hiring new RN's. Someone told me the reason why LPN's are having so much difficulty is because of insurance. The potential employers insurance company does not want to insure LPN's with less than a year experience. Good luck getting it. Worse you need the hours to keep your license. I am still holding out hope.
    Statistically, my class graduated 21 of 23. This is a great number. Nineteen passed their NCLEX exam. Two who passed exam are not currently employed. I think you have to weigh opportunities in your state for new grads and devote the time either way. Whatever your decision, I know you can do it!
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    I graduated in April and recently got my license. Ive been applying for jobs here in LA and San Fernando Valley. I tried SNF, medical offices, hospitals but they dont want new grads!!

    And to think these SNF have LVNs take care of 40 to 45 patients per shift. Dont they think thats way too many patients and they didnt want to hire new grads?

    Ive also heard from my friend who recently got a job in a SNF in orange county, she was so desperate to find a job and she only gets paid $17 an hour.

    This is ridiculous, if i had only known this, i should have stick to my Sales position at a cellphone company, i was making $15 an hr plus commission. Okay its not all about the money, but the healthcare system now sucks. Why do they discriminate new grads when there is a shortage of nurses!
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    I live in Connecticut and the LPN jobs are gone!!!
    Very rare to see anything in papers or on websites for LPNs..except for pool nurses.
    I am LPN for 13 years next year and never saw it like this before.
    If you have a job you need to keep it.. if you are in LPN course..good luck after you finish. Do yourself a favor and go get RN.
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    Same here in Oklahoma. I didn't care to work rest home either, but did because it was all I could find. They "trained" me for 4 days, then sent me on my own. I knew what I was doing, but could have used a little more time before having 20 patients on my own! Are they all like that?
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    I just had to go back on orientation for 3 days.. I was hired for night shift, but they had me train for 4 weeks on day shift and then someone from day shift volunteered to orient me to nights, but she only stayed for one day. There were complaints about things not being done correctly because I wasnt properly oriented, and the main one complaining was the one who was supposed to train me. I let our nurse manager know and she apologized and let me orient with a seasoned night shift nurse this week. They do everything backwards but I do feel much better now.
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    I have been both a cna and home health aide for the past 28 years, private, ltc., and agencies, in n. ca., i don't forsee any lack of job opportunities as an lvn laterredbeathe
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    I'm in the same position, except I dropped my semester as RN. I have thought about going back but now the program is only full time and I have a family and think full time would be too tough. I've thought of getting the LPN. I've heard of some people that were in my program dropping and getting their LPN. The only thing that scares me is if they will still be in any demand when I get out or if the economy is just going to eventually completely do away with LPN's all together. I wish I could offer more answers than questions but I can't. I can say I know what your going through and it may be better to get the LPN first so that at least you have something esp since you've already taken some nursing classes. I think of that now, that if I would have just done the LPN years ago atleast I would have that. I think it's better than going back to RN and if you don't make it all the way through or fail for some reason then you have nothing and your out of more time and more money and have nothing to show for it. That's just kind of how I'm thinking. Hope that helps some.
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    In my area (WNC) LPN's are employed only in LTC. There are LPN's in the hospitals but they've been there for 20+ years. You never see an advertisment for an LPN job anywhere EXCEPT LTC.

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