new grad jobs?

  1. HI I'll be graduating with my BSN in May. I have had no luck finding any states with new grad positions. Is north carolina any different?
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  3. by   wlb06
    no, NC is not any different. I applied many places, however, got lucky in my small town hospital and offered a job at my preceptorship. good luck
  4. by   AshleyA
    north carolina may be one of the worst to find a new grad position. news got out that there was a nursing shortage here, so thousands of nurses from all over the country came here looking for work and they keep coming. hospitals are not hiring and plenty of local nurses are unemployed.

    i would recommend you stay put until the job market picks up.
  5. by   TheBear90
    I wouldn't go so far as to say NC is the "worst" state to find a job, but it is definitely up there. And stating that "thousands" of nursing new grads are moving here from all over the country is a bit dramatic. I would be more inclined to predict that most nurses who have recently moved here, have done so because of their spouse's job. I'm a new grad who recently relocated here for the same reason, and over the last few months I've met at least a dozen other wives with the same story. Teachers and nurses have it rough in NC; however, for those with careers like my husband's, it's almost too easy to find a job.

    Tara: if you're looking for states employing new grads: San Antonio, TX., New York, and Arizona seem to have opening. Several of my classmates who graduated this past December have had much luck in these states.
  6. by   ArmstrongRN
    I am also a "new" grad in Raleigh/Durham/CH...I've been applying to new grad jobs since August 09 and have only has 2 interviews, both of which I did not get the job. I went ot school in SC so had virtually no connections in NC. It's TOUGH. Really tough. There are not that many jobs available, TONS of new grads (from great schools) and everyone is applying for the same things. So, employers can choose from the creme de la creme if you will.
  7. by   EmilyLucille523
    It's just as bad.

    I spoke with one of the nursing instructors who has their students do clinicals where I work and she said there are 500+ upcoming NC new grads who still haven't found jobs yet. Some of her students were voicing much concern because they've applied everywhere and still can't find anything even when they had worked as an aide at the hospital they are applying for now!

    Also, the thing that I found out last year is that they hire their own first before looking at out-of-staters, some hospitals literally filter out applications of anyone who doesn't live here and/or have a NC license. One recruiter told me flat out, "How do you expect me to hire you when I have over 15 applicants in my own hospital plus NC graduates waiting for even one position to open up. Sorry!" To this day, they still are not hiring!!!
  8. by   NC Girl BSN
    It a tough in NC. My aunt worked at a big hospital in Raleigh and talked to her manager about me and that is the only way I got in the door. I tried to do it without her but had no luck. Good luck and keep trying.
  9. by   MassagetoRN
    Please Please Please
    DON'T think for 1 second that there are new grad jobs in AZ. I am an AZ native and new grad. The largest healthcare employer in the state and the western US sponsored myself and my entire class, through school. They have almost 100 grads from March-Now that they owe jobs too, but can't place!! Half of these people already work for them, and will be losing their current CNA positions once they have an RN license.
    I am on this board looking at new grad stuff in NC because my husband's family is there and his mom may be sick (CA) and we may have to move to the Charlotte area......
  10. by   giftedRN
    Gosh! Why am I waiting on that woman to get me a job in NC? I guess she sounds genuine...Let me wait and see if I am really going to get that job in NC. Does anyone knows anything about Jessie Helm rehabilitation center? I would work anywhere just about now.