Johnston Community College 2010 and TEAS

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    So what do you think that minimum score would be to get into Johnston Community College ADN program for 2010? I did just ok on my TEAS. I may have about 95 points total. But I scored 87% on the TEAS with a score of 83.5. One of my friends talked to admissions and she mentioned that in order to be competitive this year you MUST have scored atleast an 80. Also I am wondering when to expect letters of admission...or rejection....I am hoping to hear sooooon after the May 15th deadline to be on the Nurse Aid registry.


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    It depends. I tried to get into JCC for 2 years. Your score is good but it depends on if 60 other people did better and who has all their prequistes done. Good Luck!
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    I am hoping to get in too. I did well on the TEAS, but don't have my A & P (am planning on taking in SS). I have 107.5 points. If I don't get in, I am going to apply to the ABSN @ UNC.
    Good Luck!!!!!!
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    I'm a student at JCC who just finished A&P ll. I have finished all prerequisites; however I will not receive points for A&P ll since the course was completed after the March 1 deadline for admissions. I have a total of 111.4 points. I wasn't accepted last year so I'm really anxious and excited. The letters in 2009 were sent out on May 28. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the insight Dawn! Good Luck!
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    Thanks!!! Good luck to you! If you have asll your prereqs and 111, I hope I stand a chance. I wish the letters would come out before summer school started, but I guess I'll go ahead and knock them out.
    Hope to see you both in the Fall
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    Best of luck to both of you! I understand this year that the college will be admitting 60 students. I hope your summer classes go well. If you haven't taken A&P, I recommend that you select *** as your instructor. He is an excellent teacher with a great sense of humor. I really hope to meet you both this fall at orientation. We will know in a couple of weeks. The waiting game is torturous. Keep me posted on your status.
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    I'm thinking about taking my A&P this summer. I heard that 2nd Semester is a doozy! Do either of you know the class schedule for the courses at Johnston? On the website it states Tues. Wed. Thurs from 1pm to 6pm and 12 hour clinicals once weekly.
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    For the Nursing? I thought it was Wed & Thurs all day (9:00-3:00) and clinicals were either Mon or Tues, 6:30-12:30.
    *** is the only one teaching the summer A&P, I am def going to try and get in that. I have Sx that day so a friend is going to try and register me; fin. aid all set already.
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