Has anyone applied to Cape Fear's Nursing Program for 2012? - page 7

Hi I applied to Cape Fear's Program for August 2012 term. I know that the application deadline just recently ended, however, I was just wondering if anyone had heard any news through the grapevine about applicant pool/point... Read More

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    Thanks for the updates! It made it easier to check the mail! I hope everyone on this forum gets their spot! I guess another couple days... again, this is agonizing!

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    I agree they told us Monday or Tuesday, dont they realize everyday is another day of agony for us!!
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    jaime i sent you private message will you check and write me back.
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    Quote from kbk1985
    jaime i sent you private message will you check and write me back.
    I just replied to your msg. Let me know if you got it because I'm not sure that it went through!
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    Yes I got it thank you very much. Does any one have any updates??? If they do mail out today when is the absolute earliest we could expect them??
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    Wilmington addresses should definitely have them by tomorrow...if they went out early this am some addresses may have them today I think. I'm wondering if they will tell us the lowest count that got in since they have already sent letters. I called last year and they told me the lowest count but it was a good bit after letters were received.
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    Going out today expect them by wed or thurs. good luck all
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    Mrslisa. Call Peggy at downtown and ask???
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    Yikes! They probably hate me already for calling so much! I'm sure this is a rough week for them with all the phone calls...Ms. Peggy was the one I talked to yesterday and she was so nice, but she was probably thinking, "STOP CALLING ME!" If you call let me know!
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    Haha I called earlier today and asked if letters were out yet. Whatever about them stressing WE are the ones waiting. WTC will you call

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