Has anyone applied to Cape Fear's Nursing Program for 2012? - page 6

Hi I applied to Cape Fear's Program for August 2012 term. I know that the application deadline just recently ended, however, I was just wondering if anyone had heard any news through the grapevine... Read More

  1. by   mrsliadavis
    Wilmington addresses should definitely have them by tomorrow...if they went out early this am some addresses may have them today I think. I'm wondering if they will tell us the lowest count that got in since they have already sent letters. I called last year and they told me the lowest count but it was a good bit after letters were received.
  2. by   kbk1985
    Going out today expect them by wed or thurs. good luck all
  3. by   kbk1985
    Mrslisa. Call Peggy at downtown and ask???
  4. by   mrsliadavis
    Yikes! They probably hate me already for calling so much! I'm sure this is a rough week for them with all the phone calls...Ms. Peggy was the one I talked to yesterday and she was so nice, but she was probably thinking, "STOP CALLING ME!" If you call let me know!
  5. by   kbk1985
    Haha I called earlier today and asked if letters were out yet. Whatever about them stressing WE are the ones waiting. WTC will you call
  6. by   jns1220
    Good luck everyone! I am in the May 2013 ADN class... if anyone has any questions prepping for 1st semester let me know and I will try to help!
  7. by   mrsliadavis
    Not in the mail today! :/ Talked to Cape Fear and they said that the person they needed to ask if they were allowed to answer my question wasn't in and asked for my name and phone number but before I could give it she said, "you'll be getting your letter today or tomorrow." So I just said thank you. Dang! So close to an answer!
  8. by   kbk1985
    Hey Nice effort there Lia!!!!
  9. by   jaimeandjules
    Nothing in the mail today. Looks like we should get them by tomorrow. Fingers crossed for everyone on here to get in!
  10. by   mrsliadavis
    Please let us know when anyone finds out! I won't be home till 10pm tonight! I don't know if I can wait!
  11. by   wtc-wilmington
    It's been such a long wait! Now we have to wait for snail mail!
  12. by   Belle de Jour
    Hi, everyone.
    Just want to share my news - I did not get in. I had 321 points total.
    Cant wait till next year. Good luck to everyone! Please, share the news!
  13. by   kbk1985
    Im completely freaking.