Has anyone applied to Cape Fear's Nursing Program for 2012? - page 6

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Hi I applied to Cape Fear's Program for August 2012 term. I know that the application deadline just recently ended, however, I was just wondering if anyone had heard any news through the grapevine about applicant pool/point... Read More

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    Quote from wtc-wilmington
    I'm working with 345 points, wish I had about 40 more and I would be able to sleep a little more soundly.
    Wtc, the most you can get for points all together is 388! I think you are doing pretty darn good! We will all know for sure soon!
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    Scared to go to the mailbox. Took a couple hours to work up the courage to go last night to find it stuffed with only junk mail fillers.
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    I checked my mail 4 times yesterday! This is brutal anyone have a letter yet?
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    I see your online too! Any news yet?
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    No news from me yet. I was really hoping on knowing by now! My mail comes today at 3, long few hours and then I still don't want to check it!
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    I think your ok 345 is really good. I only have 339. All I can say is it'll be a bad day if not!
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    Good Luck! Fingers crossed!!!
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    I just talked to someone at the North Campus (because I couldn't get an answer at the Downtown Campus) and she said the acceptance letters have NOT gone out yet!!!! Whaaaaa!!!!! I had a 338 last year and didn't get in. I'm hopeful for this year!
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    Just got home and checked the mail. I freaked for a minute because there was a small white letter under some magazines. (you want the big envelope ) Turned out to be some junk mail! ugh.. I hate waiting. I'm thinking we may get them tomorrow or Wednesday because it makes sense they would mail them out on a Monday. Just a guess though.. we'll see soon.
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    I talked to someone from the downtown campus on my way home from work, (I know I'm a little stalkerish with these poor counselors). They said letters are going out tomorrow. So we'll probably have letters by Wednesday! Aaaaagggh! Can't come quick enough!