Has anyone applied to Cape Fear's Nursing Program for 2012? - page 12

Hi I applied to Cape Fear's Program for August 2012 term. I know that the application deadline just recently ended, however, I was just wondering if anyone had heard any news through the grapevine... Read More

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    My big box of nursing books is somewhere around here. Just not sure where haha.. I will locate them soon. But if you want to know which books you need you can just go to cfcc.edu, click on bookstore then textbooks/materials and enter NUR 112 and it will show you all the books needed. All of the books used for last year will be used again for this year, although Ms. Brenda did tell me the Med Surg book would have a new edition that would be required for 2012. Other than that you can start checking out what books are needed and maybe find some good deals on them ahead of time on Amazon or Ebay or something. It sure does cost a lot if you buy them all at CFCC. lol

    ETA: just checked the CFCC website and it looks like a lot of the books are out of stock. But it will give you a general idea of some of the books needed so can't hurt to check it out.

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    hey jaime did you get the Hep B and meningitits vaccination
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    Hey kbk1985... The Hep B vaccine series (3 injections) is optional, but you have to sign a waiver if you don't get it. But I recommend it HIGHLY. You will be around some pretty gross stuff at the hospital, I wouldn't take the chance.

    Meningitis vaccine is not required for the ADN program (and no waiver).
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    Thanks Jns did you get the hep b if so where?
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    One more Q if you have all prereqs completed and you are only taking nursing courses I see that NUR111 for fall semester is only 8 credit hours how do you go about being a "full time" student for finanacial aid and scholarship reasons. Thanks
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    You can get the Hep B series at the Health Dept... 3 seperate injectons for the same vax, one month apart each. And yes I also highly recommend it. (did not get it last year, but I def will this year). As for full time status, it really is a joke... you will never be "full time" in the ADN program, according to CFCC anyway.. The program itself will consume your entire life, 40-50 hours a week, sometime more, but according to the school, it's not full time so you only get fin aid according to half time. 2nd semester apparently is 2 mini sessions 5 credit hours each, so I'm not sure you get any money back from loans or fin aid. Go ahead and start applying for scholarships ASAP
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    Thats where I am confused all the scholarships I have looked at thus far state "Full-time" students??
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    I think it is only full time if you take the classes as they are listed on the schedule. Meaning you take all of your pre-reqs along with the nursing courses. Which would be impossible IMO.... unless you are superman or woman and never sleep!
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    You can also go through CFCC and apply for a scholarship. Go to financial aid office and ask for the Health Sciences scholarship application during the application period (not sure when it is). Also, have you checked out other resources for funding such as HRSA or the NSNA? I think there was also a link to a scholarship website on the acceptance letter. Dig around and see what you can find. I plan to apply for a few different ones in hopes that one or two work out. The worst they can do is deny your application.
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    true thanks jaime

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