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I have just completed my TEAS V and MAR for the GTCC 2012 Fall ADN Program and wanted to know what others have scored and their points. I am trying to get a feel for how competitive it is to get... Read More

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    The counselor I talked to said that the average is in the 40's..... not if its good or not. haha. Not very reassuring I know but its something! I spoke to her through email last week so it was after the due date for the application... My friend who is in the nursing program now warned me that this site would drive me stir crazy about it... she wasn't kidding!! lol
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    Haha ark88 you are right, I don't know whether this forum is either making me more nervous or helping to ease my anxiety! Ahhhhh. Hopefully they send letters out soon! I've read that GTCC sends them out mid March, does anyone know around what date Forsyth will mail out their letters?
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    Lol I bet the counslers hate the time between application dead line and mailing of acceptance letters lol now if someone up there would just give a definite mail out date lol! Average is 40 he or she said ? Yes, I don't know how that settles with me seeing I only have 42 haha but what can you do haha . This website and I now have a love hate relationship lol I "heard" forsyth was a lot faster then gtcc but again that is just what I "heard" I honestly have no clue
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    Hahaha yes this site is a love hate relationship for sure. And if the average is in the 40's I sure hope my measley 39 points will be enough! ugh! I thought about calling an advisor but I don't want to be "one of those people" that drives everyone in nursing crazy lol
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    So I just talked to someone in admissions at forsyth and they said that the whole process takes 4-6 weeks after the deadline! This means more waiting!!
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    Just got an acceptance letter from GTCC!!!! So excited!!! I am beside myself right now!!!!! Good Luck ladies!!! Hopefully many more will be posting good news!!
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    UPDATE: I got accepted to GTCC!!! Yippee. I'm so excited. Good luck everyone
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    Congratulations Muffin'sMommy! Many of us are now posting under "Guilford Tech 2012 Fall Nursing Program"...come join us!
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    Anyone who has been accepted into the Fall 2012 ADN program at GTCC, we have a Facebook page now. I am the administrator and will keep it updated with news and help over the next two years. Search for GTCC ADN Class of 2014, and click "like" to join.