FTCC or RCC (Robeson community college) Need Guidance Please Help!!

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    My name is Lachell and what I want most in the world is to become a nurse. I'm an active duty soldier and it was hard for me to take my a & p1 class at Fayetteville Technical College so I dropped the course with a grade of 76(which did't count) Usually that's a C but at FTCC it's considered a D, which will not fly in any nursing program. I also had a Lecture Professor that was extremely hard on her tests compared to other Professors. My question is, Fayetteville Tech cc is on a 4 point scale, are there any other colleges not far from fayetteville that are not?? Or are there any other colleges nearby that have great a & P professors. I only have 1 more chance to take this class. I want to make it count.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey Lachell, Would you be up for taking A&P online w/another NC community college? I took mine with Stanly CC and really loved my teacher. I know you said close, but I just wanted to give you another option. To look up online transferable classes, I used the NC Community college system.HTH'sAlexandra
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    That's sounds better but for FTCC it has to have a lab...Thanks for your help
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    Ugh, but I can understand that. Good luck with your class
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    When it comes to the FTCC nursing program, run as fast as you can to get away from this school. I have been in, and out, of medicine since 1965...EMT, pharmacy tech, CNA, nursing home supervisor....and then thirty years ago I went to nursing school, the most humiliating experience of my life (which includes basic training). So I thought I had seen some horrible times but I have witnessed what has been going on at FTCC for some time and it is a disgrace. They have been failing close to 60% of their students in just the first full semester (after they have their money, of course). If you were an A student in prior studies, you can expect to drop at least one full grade, and more likely 1.5 to 2 full grades. Why? Because too many of the teachers are just completely incompetent, both as lecturers and as test givers. We experienced some of this at my nursing school, as well, but we fought with the faculty and did everything that we could to put the bad teachers, and the dean, on the hot seat. But, the students at FTCC are pathetic at standing up for their rights and talking back, so when they get beaten down, they just take it the way an abused wife is known to do all too often. At FTCC, you will see instances when the majority of a class misses a question on an exam. Do the teachers say "Oops. I guess we didn't make that question clear. Perhaps we need to examine our own culpability?" Hell, no. They turn defensive, and pretend that they never make mistakes. And do the students ever get together and go to the dean or anyone else? Nope. So, avoid this mess at all costs, or at least until either the president of the school or the dean of nursing is replaced and this abysmal program is completely overhauled. The odds at this time are that only about 35% of those entering will graduate, as if this were some respected program that has high standards. No, go anywhere but FTCC.
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    Moved to NC Nursing Programs.
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    Some of the most incompetent nurses I have ever seen havegraduated from FTCC. I also don’t think fast-food nursing programs that are givenat community colleges should exist. Don’t take the easy way. Complete a real nursing degree get a BSN.
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    Hi there!

    I wish you all the blessings in the world to reach your goal. I felt the need to reply to your question - I was apart of FTCC's nursing program and passing. I took myself out of the program because I saw a LOT of disturbing patterns. The instructors themselves have failed out of nursing programs and had to re-take their nclex. The school produces test takers not nurses when I feel that we should be able to be test takers AND well trained nurses. I have seen people checked off for medications or foley caths that should not have been given an OK to continue. In the nicest way possible RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN away from this program. Those who pass either are 2nd time around students or are close with instructors. If you want to save lives I would look into some other really great schools with high nclex rates as well as instructors or take the time to teach you how to be a good nurse. We had days off numerous times that I feel we should have been using for more practice. Please take my word for it - do not go to FTCC. I wished I not wasted my personal finances and money on this political game they call college.
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    @ncnursing0311 Thanks for your comment! If you don't mind me asking what college/university did you go to once you left FTCC? How did you enjoy your experience there?
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    I got to RCC and Graduate in May! We have a challenging but solid program here!

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