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Hi Everyone! I'm new to this forum. Is anyone applying to to the spring '13 ADN program? The closer the deadline gets the more anxious I become! I hope I have enough points to get in!!!... Read More

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    Checked the mail today. I know it is too soon, but still... I have only 162 points and during my MAR review was encouraged that my scores looked fine. It was not recommended that I take the TEAS over, but after hearing 170's I am starting to wonder if I should have retaken the TEAS.

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    Hello Treasures!
    I too checked the mailbox...knowing it was too soon but HOPING lol. At 162 I would think you are ok. That is still like 7ish points above the low for the last 2 semesters. I think some will have higher than my 171.3 and others a bit lower. My guess is the low will be 159....just for fun let's keep our minds occupied and guess highs and lows? lol We could also guess when the first letters will arrive! Ok so my guesses are HIGH 186...Low 159 and letters on October 8th...anyone want to play?
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    Start at 72 end with 20 ?? Wow, that's some serious motivation right there..


    I got in at GTCC, wanted to see if I got in at FTCC as well

    Don't know where I want to go...

    *doing research*
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    No mail for me today. I think we could start hearing before the 8th. Maybe by the 6th. SOme people were getting big envelopes on a sat. in the spring. Must be patient...
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    The suspense is killing me!!
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    same here.. same here
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    GTCC vs FTCC

    have yall heard any good things or bad things about either?

    I'm getting pretty much the same info both ways.
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    I've heard mostly the same. I just think FTCC is more popular but I think they both provide a quality education. I'd be happy with either school
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    Hello everyone!
    From what I can see on NCLEX pass rates...GTCC 3 year average is 88%...FTCC 3 year average is 91%. For the current quarter FTCC is sitting at 98% 1st time pass rate and GTCC at 90%. I strongly believe ANY program gives back what you put into it. I have heard that Forsyth has state of the art equiptment and such. I do not know anyone who went to GTCC. I am SO ready to open my mailbox and see a BIG envelope from FTCC lol. Congrats on those accepted at GTCC. Prayers are with those who will have to decide which school to choose!
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    I'm praying for some good news today!!

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