Forsyth/Guilford Tech Spring 2012

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    Anyone applying for Spring 2012 Gtech or Ftech adn program? The deadlines are fast approaching and I would like to compare points etc since this is the first semester to enter using the TEAS V. I have around 150 points at Ftch...anyone applying now have something similar? More? Less? My nerves are about to get the best of me if the deadline doesn't roll around soon!!

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    Hey there...

    I've applied to both GTCC and FTCC and like you my nerves are shot lol... but one good side... when I took my MAR review, i asked how many appliations they have so far.. thinking it would be in the high 200's and they have a little over 40.. which shocked me.. but i'm sure that number will change by tomorrow since tomorrow is the deadline... but I wish i had around 150 points.... i havee 146 exactly lol... and a friend of mine associate has 180 so it's really any mans game you know.

    But keep positive, I know I am but i'll hound my mail man with in the next month when we should be receiving our letters.

    Good luck!!!
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    When did you do your MAR? I am shocked at that number too but that is GOOD for me because my points are NOT good at Gtech.

    Wow 180 points!?! My exact number is 149, although, I am retaking my TEAS Friday to increase my score at Ftech, I got a 77 the first time and would like to head on into the 80's this time around. Based on previous semesters (as seen on allnurses ) 145ish seems high enough to get in but I feel like this TEAS could either make or break that number based on how people do. I mean 42% is passing and that number seems low to me. Anyways good luck to you too! I am just ready for the 1st week of October already
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    I did my retake on the exam this morning and did my MAR this afternoon... i'm schedule to take it at FTCC on Thursday, but i'm honestly done taking it... this test has drained me... plus the one GTCC has is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier than the one at FTCC... i know crazy but it is... i got a 87 in math and a 83.4 in science so but sucked in english and reading... but i'm good with my score.
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    Wow, so as of today they only have that may applicants? That is CRAZY- do you know anything about the schedule at GTCC for the night/weekend program?
    I feel like I don't want to take it again too, lol, it is draining. I'm in Bio 166 now and even though we've only been in class 2 weeks I have already been refreshed on some of the science so I know my score would go up it's one of those "what to do??" situations but what's meant to be will be I guess.
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    Hey Everyone!! I also applied to GTCC/FTCC for Spring 2012. I can't believe GTCC has such a low number of applicants but that's good news for us!!At GTCC I ended up having 61 points...and at FTCC, I have somewhere around 162. I hope this makes the cut! I also applied to WSSU's accelerated program which is my first choice but it has 100's of applicants & is extremely competitive!!, we wait.....and wait....ugh, haha. Good luck to everyone!! Keep your progress posted!!
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    Are we the first class to use the TEAS 5.0 version for ranking???
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    i'm not sure how the schedule is for GTCC.. .honestly I didn't think I had a chance to get in for spring so I left when they started on the part of the info session ... if I only knew how many applicates they would really have had I would've stayed lol.. I know you will do great in your science section... just read and re-read the question because they try to trick you.
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    wow 162 points... you're a shoe in

    Yes we are the first class to use that version of the TEAS for ranking.
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    I know at Ftech we are the first to use the TEAS V. So based on your total points I need to increase my TEAS by 13 points! Thanks cdkjasso! LOL, so glad I posted this so I could see where I stand. This process is so nerve wrecking. Do either of you know anything about Gtcc's night/weekend schedule??

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