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Anyone applying for Spring 2012 Gtech or Ftech adn program? The deadlines are fast approaching and I would like to compare points etc since this is the first semester to enter using the TEAS V. I have around 150 points at... Read More

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    I hope its just random too! n yeah we definatly need to make arrangements to meet up somewhere before time to go.

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    Hey guys, I'm tentatively scheduled to graduate in May from FTCC. Your first semester you will pick #'s to decide your section (draw from a hat). From then on they just put you in a clinical group each semester. It's very tough. You'll have to dedicate your whole life to it. Social life, cleaning your house, sometimes even sleeping comes second to school. As tough as it is to get in, it's even tougher to stay in. Make good grades from the get go so you don't have to go into final having to make a big grade cause it'll give you grey hairs. I promise. Lay low and expect to feel stupid for the duration of the program...because you are. So much to learn in such little time. I'd read all about the nursing process - assessment - diagnosis - planning - interventions - evaluation... youtube videos on how to give intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular shots. etc. You will learn, learn learn. Nursing school = your life. I remember being this excited.. its refreshing to see again. You can do anything you want to, but be prepared..because it takes 100% commitment. You have to read and you have to study - a lot. Oh, and you'll probably be broke at some point.. LOL... Good luck to all of you.
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    Thanks MandaTaye! It's nice to hear from people that have done or are going thru the program. I agree that you can do whatever you're willing to do...just gotta stick with it & try to start off with good grades...We will definitely make sacrifices but it'll be worth it in the end. Spending time studying instead of spending time with my 2 young kids will be the hardest thing for me. I know that going back to school is only going to better their future though...little sacrifice now will help them out (all of us) later. Thanks for the info...hope I draw a good number today! Happy Orientation day to the FTCC folks!! See ya at 2
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    Hey cdkjasso and Kay51... How was orientation?
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    It went well...the 3 of us that are on this forum got into the same section together so that was nice! They actually gave us an opportunity to switch sections with each other if we wanted which shocked me. I think there were 3 numbers left which means 3 people didn't show up. We go back Jan. 4 for another orientation before class starts. When do you go for GTCC?
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    That's great!! Our orientation is Dec 7. I can't wait. We have to turn in all of our paper work by that date. They'll do our measurments and all then.

    What color are your uniforms? Did they tell you what type of supplies you will need?
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    They did give us a list of supplies we will need: books, lab kit, uniforms which are white tops, blue bottoms (thank God they aren't white pants anymore!) and we got our Fall schedule. That was about all last night. We got out an hour early (only there for 2 hours )
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    congrats to you all! welcome to nursing school. I am currently in the program at Forsyth. It goes by quick but be's tough! amanda wasn't kidding
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    I have an FTCC ADN uniform I used earlier this year but am now out of the program so I'm selling it for half the price of new if anybody hasn't gotten theirs yet or would like an extra one. Blue pants medium, top and jacket large. Good luck to all the new students.

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