Fayetteville Tech RN Hopefuls

  1. I have applied to the RN program and have been told that my cumulative GPA is too low. When I graduated high school in 1998, I took some classes at FTCC and totally failed out. At the time, I was more interested in partying than school. In 2001, I got serious and completed my LPN at another school. I returned to FTCC this past summer to try for the RN program. I have made all As and Bs on the classes I have to take, but those grades from 1998 are included in my GPA, bringing it down greatly. Is there anyway to work around this?
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  3. by   run123
    You could re-take a few of the classes you did really poorly in. The old class will still be on your transcript but only the higher score will be counted (I think)
  4. by   28*lt
    Did you ever get in...I'm applying here for the 2016 class
  5. by   run123
    You will need to retake at least some of the classes you did poorly in, Or look at going to another school. The old grades will show on your transcript but only the repeat class grade will calculate into gpa
  6. by   run123
    I am too!! Just submitted my application
  7. by   28*lt
    Oh cool! I don't know anyone around here. You should add me on facebook and my name is Jessi Condon!
  8. by   bestallaround
    Problem solved. I went to another school. They only transferred the classes that I needed, not the W/F classes from 16 years ago. Of course, some I did have to retake, but only what I needed. I'm currently in my 2nd semester of 4 for ADN.
  9. by   run123
    Happy for you! What school are you going to now?

    Jessi, I looked you up but there were like 20 witht the same name and I couldn't tell whice one was you lol
  10. by   28*lt
    Oh ok well my email associated with it is jessimorehouse@yahoo.com
    I ended up applying to sandhills as well.
  11. by   bestallaround
    [QUOTE=run123;8887857]Happy for you! What school are you going to now?

    I'm at Bladen Community College. I had no trouble getting in and the class schedule does not interfere with my work schedule.