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Hi Monique. I am enrolled in the August LPN class at MCI in VA Beach. It starts on Aug 1st. The cost for the school is $19 thousand. You take an entrance exam and if you pass, your in. I bombed out on the math portion so I... Read More

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    Check into Vance-Granville CC in Henderson. No wait list (point system based on merit, etc). I paid around $500-700 each of my five semesters...I was able to work between 20-30 hours a week with this program; others in my program worked full-time. LPN (1yr) and RN (2yrs) programs available. I graduated last month and am currently waiting to take the boards.

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    Quote from 2007LPN2B
    Yes, the program at ECPI is definitely very expensive for it to only be an LPN program, but you have to base your decision on your own individual needs. If you can afford it and don't want to wait to get into somewhere cheaper, than why not go to ECPI. I am currently an evening student and work a full-time job, as though many of us do in my class. This program was a better fit for me due to the fact that I'm not married and do not have any financial support from any family, so I needed to keep a full-time job. Believe that when I heard the actual price. . . my eye balls did get big, but I figured it was the best way to get my foot in the door as a nurse without having to wait 2-3 more years to be able to financially afford to attend a day-time program.

    I'm not sure if anyone has looked at Watts prices, but the last time I checked they were around the same price for the RN program.

    My plan is to sit for the state board in Dec/Jan and apply to get my BSN, with hopes to move on to an MSN as a CRNA. Good Luck to all future nurses whether LPN or RN. One key thing is to make sure you always surround yourself with positive people because they'll give you that motivation to get you through it all.
    Thats what I am saying why pay for an LPN program when you can go to an RN program for the same price. PLUS the Watts program has an optional 3 yr commitment with Duke Hospital that will pay back the cost of tuition. I doubt ECPI has an agreement with a hospital to pay back that tuition. But its your choice to become LPN or RN. I personally would never become an LPN for that price though, not without me knowing someone else will be paying for the tuition (i.e. tuition reimbursement).
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    I understand what some of you are saying....You want to get into school now and are willing to pay for it. ECPI does have RN classes at Raleigh and maybe Greensboro now. Yes they are expensive, there may be hospitals that have loan forgiveness that could be helpful in paying off some of the school debt. I would recommend getting all the pre-Req's out of the way first no matter where you go to school. Ask how many students enrolled and how many graduated and passed the NCLEX-RN/PN. If there is a huge number gap, then the school is not teaching what they should be teaching to their students. GPA's must be near perfect, pass a test to get in, an 80 to stay in (that was my schools requirement), a final and the NCLEX. Check out all the options and go from there.
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    According to the latest NCBON bulletin, ECPI in Charlotte has just increased their LPN enrollment from 60 to 120 (evening, weekend schedule).

    And, Wayne Community College (Goldsboro) has just been approved to increase ADN enrollment from 81 to 96, effective fall 2007.
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    Wake Tech admissions are based on a point system. You are admitted based on your grades for the required pre-reqs only, therefore previous education does not factor in. I just finished my third semester of the ADN program at Wake Tech and will be happy to answer any other questions you have. Good luck!
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    I was a second degree nursing student and I found that going to get the BSN was probably the best way to go. I applied to DTCC and was put on a waiting list. If I had waited for my name to come up, I would still be in nursing school, I was accepted to start nursing school at DTCC for the Fall of 2006. I was a senior in the fall of 2006 and I graduated May 2007. I suggest applying to a BSN program because you will spend the same amount of time getting the ADN. I graduated from a BSN program which took the same amount of time to complete if I had done the ADN program.
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    If only we knew that when we started!!!! Many of us would have our BSN's and starting on our Masters. Thanks for the information. Maybe it will help others!!!!!
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    I know this thread is old, but I just wanted to add this update. I recently began talks with ECPI/MCI Raleigh, NC and the cost of the LPN program is now $32,000 per year. INSANE!

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