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Hey everyone! I submitted my application to Duke University's ABSN program for fall 2013 a few weeks ago, so I wanted to get some conversation started! Is anyone else applying?!... Read More

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    Have you looked at any of the Veteran services? I know that you are not the vet but they do have grants, scholarships for the dependents of vets (you served as much as he did). As far as the student loans that is anyones guess. I hope your husband is doing better with wounds. It is a continual healing process.

    Good Luck,

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    Hi everyone! I wrote a few weeks back, but didn't check for updates until today. I got an interview for duke days--but am in a dilemna. I live in Washington state! And I'm having to deal with 2 deadlines for other schools coming up (MGH, UW)---so will most likely put down a deposit on one....but that is a lot of money. Do you know if Duke does phone or skype interviews? I would really love to go see the campus and meet the professors, but I'm also concerned about financial aid. It is really frustrating that we have to choose our schools before knowing if we can even afford them. I already have debt from my last undergrad, so am not wanting to tack on a whole bunch more---since I want to get my masters in a few years anyways. Anyone else in the boat?

    As far as my "bio" I'm a nutrition b.s. grad from oregon state university with 3.91 gpa. I was a student athlete in college and afterwards went on to do office admin jobs and eventually the peace corps in Peru---where I worked as a community health volunteer. I got my cna license last summer, but am actually working in a physician group practice in the quality dept.

    My top choices are JHU (won't hear back until march apparently). I read on an earlier post someone saying they already had their interview with JHU back in october? Was that for the spring entry program? I've pretty much decided to not put a deposit down on MGH, as UW would be ranked higher in my mind and it's at my front door---so would be silly not to. So now it's just waiting on Duke, JHU, and upenn---although I'm also kind of discounting upenn bc of the price tag. Can someone just give me a million bucks so I can go where I want?! ha
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    Annie, the email says that "the on-campus interview is a required part of the admission review and selection process", so I think that the interview is required to be in person. I was the person who had an interview in October, and my application was for fall 2013. I'm not sure why they interviewed me so early, but I won't be hearing until March 1st apparently! Did you interview in person at Penn? The price tag of the tuition alone is the cost of Duke's tuition AND total cost of attendance, period!
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    Just RSVP'd for the May 4th interview day!

    @AnnieBopannie, I'm also in a similar situation and I've put a deposit down at another school but I really love what I've heard about Duke so I'm just going to see how I feel after the interview, see whether I'm even accepted and how much I will need to pay in total. If it ends up being significantly more than the other school than I can't really justify it I guess for a 2nd Bachelors. I also plan on getting a MSN eventually so I need to have some money saved up for that : )
    If you really like what you've seen from Duke, then I say give it a chance and see where it takes you!
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    @Kelsey939 Thanks for the advice. Yah, I'm going to see about getting a plane ticket. It would be nice to actually see the campus and get a feel for the university before I make my decision. I also find it hard to justify spending so much money (or borrowing more like it) just for another bachelors--so I'm trying to balance that with also getting a great education.

    @hopefulnurse24 I saw that on the email, but it can't hurt to ask. My sister said her grad schools said the same thing and then found out later that she could have done a skype interview. Since money is low at this point, I'm going to try that route. If not---might just have to book a plane and see.

    I'm having such a hard time deciding on schools. While I am in a good position having been accepted to some already, what it really gets down to is how to afford them all and that is the worrisome part.
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    @Annie, let me know what you find out in terms of doing a phone/Skype interview. I'd love to go check everything out at Duke, but I'm also not sure if I can round up enough money for the plane tickets either. Things are seriously tight right now.
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    Oh yeah, there's definitely no harm in asking! I just know that for Penn's BSN-MSN program, they actually gave us the choice in their interview invitation email between a phone interview and an in person one and it was explicit in the email. I understand where you are coming from though, about trying figuring out how to afford these programs. I was originally planning on going to PA school back when I first began my undergraduate studies, and figured that I would probably have to go out of state for that (not many options here in Florida, not to mention most of the programs here are private for PA school) so that's why I'm not that bothered by the idea of debt now. It is unfortunate that the debt will be for a second bachelor's degree, but the tuition for the masters at Duke is much less than it is for the ABSN, and we will probably be working during this time, which will also cut down on our debt! And there are so many options at Duke Hospital for loan repayment and tuition reimbursement, as well. Congratulations on UW, by the way - that's a wonderful program!
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    I am also traveling in from out of town, flights surprisingly weren't bad from Boston to Raleigh-Durham - I recommend JetBlue!
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    I'm in the exact same boat, Annie. I live in Oregon, and I've been accepted to two schools already. I paid the first deposit in December, even though it was probably lowest on my list, "just in case." Now I have a deposit due on Feb. 15th for one of my top choice schools, but I still really want to find out about Duke. I think I'm going to pay the deposit at VCU and go to Duke Days. I listened to one of the ABSN Webinars that Duke had in November, and I think I remember him saying that if you're far away, a Skype interview IS a possibility, but they prefer you come to campus if at all possible. So it can't hurt to ask. I think I'm going to try to find a ticket and go because I'm having such a hard time deciding, having never set food on either campus. I think I'll probably extend my trip a little and also try to go up and check out VCU as long as I'm on the East Coast. I've heard the loan forgiveness/tuition reimbursement plans at Duke are pretty incredible, which is why I'm not TOTALLY panicking about the cost yet, but I hear you on being nervous about that, especially since this is a second bachelors. Even when you're blessed to have been accepted somewhere already, that doesn't make the decision process any easier, especially when you don't have all the information yet to make those decisions. Anyway, good luck in this decision making process--it's TOUGH!!
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    I emailed FinAid about loans and I copied the response below. I dont think I am going to be able to attend as I know I wont qualify for private loans and would never ask someone to cosign on that big of a loan for me. I am simply shocked at how little aid is offered for this program seeing as Duke is so expensive. Hope this helps, if anyone was wondering. Be ready to take out some private loans unless you are one of the lucky ones who receives a huge scholarship.

    The ABSN program is considered an undergraduate program for federal purposes. This means that ABSN students are subject to the undergraduate federal loan limits. Students who are classified as dependent on the FAFSA application are eligible to receive $5,500 in subsidized federal loans and $2,000 in unsubsidized loan. Students who are classified as independent on the FAFSA application are eligible to receive $5,500 in subsidized federal loans and $2,000 in unsubsidized loan. These maximums are for the entire academic year which means they are evenly divided across fall/spring/summer or spring/summer whichever time a student begins the program. We do consider all students for the need based grant that the School of Nursing offers. This grant is based on the FAFSA calculations and eligibility will be determined at the time we package students. The grant amount is $2,250 per semester for the duration of the ABSN program which is 4 semesters. Because the ABSN program is fairly expensive, students who have no other resources must take out private loans to cover their tuition and living expenses. If you do not have a co-signer or established credit, then it’s best to not start the program until you are able to secure a private loan for the four semesters on your own or find a co-signer. Below is a link to our website with the costs of the ABSN program for 2012-2013. The tuition increases every year and we will know the new rates for 2013-14 by late March. http://nursing.duke.edu/sites/defaul...oa07242012.pdf If you are interested in applying for financial aid, the link below contains the instructions. Apply for Aid | Duke School of Nursing If you would like to contact private lenders about possible funding, the link below contains a list of recommended private lenders. Duke Financial Aid: Recommended Lenders You also should check your federal loan history if you have taken out loans for undergraduate studies. There are maximum limits on how much a student can borrow. Below is a link to the federal website to check your loan history. National Student Loan Data System for Students
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