Duke New Grad / SNIP 2013 - page 2

Hi everyone. I haven't found a thread for this topic yet, so I decided to start one. Who else submitted their application on Feb 1st for the various new grad positions at Duke?... Read More

  1. by   JBAdd
    Any hints on completing the application/cover letter. Do you know what the hiring staff are looking for? I am interested in the SNIP program. specifically the NICU
  2. by   ExploreDreamDiscover
    mmc51264. I interviewed for medical step down.
  3. by   ExploreDreamDiscover
    JBAdd. I think it depends on the unit. Each manager probably has different values and desires as they relate to his/her staff.
  4. by   ExploreDreamDiscover
    esf08001 - When do you start? Are you from the area or do you have to relocate?
  5. by   esf08001
    I start in July, and I'm relocating from Massachusetts.
  6. by   JBAdd
    How long did it take esf08001 for you to hear about an interview after you applied?
  7. by   esf08001
    I was offered an interview about 2 weeks after I applied
  8. by   ExploreDreamDiscover
    Same with me. Two weeks after I submitted my application, I was extended an invitation to interview.
  9. by   ExploreDreamDiscover
    I received a job offer. I would start in July. For those of you relocating, what are your plans for housing? Also, for anyone who lives in Durham, what are some neighborhoods I should consider living in?
  10. by   msmith2103
    Hey all.. I just wanted to chime in, I applied too on 2/28... I'm hoping for an interview. I'm in California and hoping to relocate. Sigh, the market out here is super tough and canceling a lot of the new grad programs. Seems like North Carolina has a much more robust new grad market!
  11. by   Katie71275
    For those of you who live out of state, did you fly to NC for the interview or did you do it over the phone?
  12. by   esf08001
    I flew in for the interview. They told me the manager was only available on this one day and they would let me know what time the interview would be at. It was also the day after final exams I had to interview. So I flew down the the morning of the interview, changed into scrubs at the RDU airport and got in a taxi to the hospital lol. Then after my interview I had the taxi guy come pick me up and take me back to the airport. It was a stressful day to say the least..
  13. by   esf08001
    Also, I was only a 2.5 hour plane ride away so coming across the country the flight may not be feasible without more notice