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Hi everyone. I haven't found a thread for this topic yet, so I decided to start one. Who else submitted their application on Feb 1st for the various new grad positions at Duke?... Read More

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    I did a shadow interview so I wore scrubs. Otherwise, I usually dress professional
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    Quote from L1223
    I got an interview for next week! Did you wear scrubs or professional attire? I've seen on these forums that some people have been told to wear scrubs, but my email didn't indicate one way or another...
    I had a "shadow" interview, so I wore scrubs. Otherwise, I would have worn business casual.
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    Quote from neurocheck2
    I have a few of questions. Do they hire associate degree nurses? I will be doing online RN-BSN classes next fall. I will be graduating in May from my associate degree program, but probably won't get licensed for at least 2 months. When should I apply for this SNIP program? Do you know what dates they usually have the applications available and where do you find them (job search page?)? I currently live in Ohio but I read Duke will pay for relocation. Is that still true? Thanks.
    they do hire ADNs. I have one (but I have a BS, too). there are two of us in my SNIP group. On the benefits page of DukeNursing.org, they lay out the relocation. I think it is around 3k

    Look for "Clinical I" positions. They also have a great GEMS program, too. I think I started looking every week for updates. I would apply anytime you see an opening. Like a previous poster said, she is not starting until July.
    Good Luck!!
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    Any hints on completing the application/cover letter. Do you know what the hiring staff are looking for? I am interested in the SNIP program. specifically the NICU
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    mmc51264. I interviewed for medical step down.
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    JBAdd. I think it depends on the unit. Each manager probably has different values and desires as they relate to his/her staff.
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    esf08001 - When do you start? Are you from the area or do you have to relocate?
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    I start in July, and I'm relocating from Massachusetts.
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    How long did it take esf08001 for you to hear about an interview after you applied?
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    I was offered an interview about 2 weeks after I applied

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