Duke ABSN Spring 2018 - page 12

Hello! I haven't seen any threads yet about Duke's ABSN program for Spring of 2018 so I thought I would start one to chat with other hopefuls like myself! Also, if anyone who has previously... Read More

  1. by   aea5hs
    ^^^^Never mind that previous post! I called and talked to some staff today!
  2. by   mary_elizabeth
    Hi guys! I am going to be applying to Duke ABSN for Spring 2019. I was wondering if you could share your stats you applied with (GPA, experience, etc.). Congrats to all who got admitted! I am trying to weigh my chances of getting into this program! Thanks guys
  3. by   bmadrid
    This may be a weird question but do any of you have any pets you're planning to bring with you? Or did any current/former students have pets when they started?
  4. by   DBMS92
    Heck yes! I am bringing my two cats. We are going to drive from Seattle Washington to North Carolina. This will be an interesting road trip.
  5. by   bmadrid
    @DBMS92 That's awesome! The reason why I ask is because I'm the world's biggest dog person and I really really really want to get a dog, but I just don't know how feasible that will be while starting the program. If not, maybe I can volunteer and walk dogs at the humane society or something.
  6. by   lrtyson
    @bmadrid I adopted my dog Franklin (a great dane mix) in April and I will be bringing him with me to Durham in January! If you are planning on getting a dog I would do so sooner rather than later, I'm really thankful I've had this time to train him before getting to school and having a super busy schedule. But I'm so happy to have him and I think he is gonna be a huge stress reliever for me during the program!
  7. by   apollo1403
    Hi all, I am planning on bringing my dog all the way from New York! Maybe us dog owners can link up and create a network. I know with clinicals we are gonna have long days. Maybe we can set up a dog walking schedule if we live near each other.
  8. by   bmadrid
    I think that sounds like a really cool idea! Has anyone already started making living arrangements?
    Is there a Facebook page for the cohort somewhere? I haven't received any emails since paying my deposit.
  9. by   msB27
    Hey! I'm trying to accept the terms of the scholarship, I can see them on dukehub, but how do you accept them?
  10. by   Kassi123
    Has anyone heard back from the waitlist?