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Hi all! Just wanted to start a thread for the people applying to duke for the fall of 2012. I am super excited/nervous to be filling out the application! I know that there are others out there feeling the same way. If anybody is... Read More

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    Too late! Alrighty, let's check back in with each other in a month-ish - fingers crossed for both of us (and all the lurkers out there)! This has been fun!

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    You seem to respond pretty quickly when I reply so we should do this from time to time over the next month to calm each other's nerves. Good night!
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    For sure! Who are we kidding, I'm on here a lot. Good night, and I hope you have a super Wednesday!
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    i just submitted my fall 2012 ABSN application last night. can somebody tell me what the notification dates are? i'm already anxious
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    Looks like they got notified via email about interviews on December 17th last year... I think it is always before Christmas. I am trying to block it out so I can get through finals, ha ha!
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    that would be a fantastic time to get some good news! finals just ending and xmas/nye right around the corner. do you know what the time frame is for interviews and how the rest of the process maps out (final decision notification, etc.)?

    thanks a lot for your response!
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    No problem!

    After creeping on the thread for last Fall - it looks like they found out about interviews on December 17th, had interviews at the end of January/beginning of February, and found out acceptances on February 17th-ish.
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    fabulous! knowing by mid-february would save me from having to take a few extraneous classes i'm squeezing in for some of my second choice schools (provided i get in, obviously . thanks again. really appreciate the info!
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    ahh so i just turned in my application! it's so stressful! i am taking a prerequisite right now so my transcripts wont be ready by the deadline and my application says it incomplete! ahhh. i emailed the admissions office and the lady said it was fine but i am nervous that it says incomplete. is anyone else having this issue?
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    ABSNhopeful, I'm sure you're fine if you've talked to admissions... I am taking two pre-reqs right now, and M told me that I don't have to send Duke a transcript until I have my final grades (which will be in the middle of December), and that my application is complete without that transcript. I think as long as they have your undergrad transcript, they're happy.

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